Do i need to hire a DJ for my Wedding in Ireland ?

Wedding DJ Ireland is the perfect way to say “thank you” to your guests. The people you have invited to your wedding have likely invested time and money to share in your special day. They’ve probably been supporting you and your soul mate through your relationship as well. 

That is why it’s so important to have a celebration that everyone enjoys together. An essential component of weddings in Ireland is the music. There are many decisions to be made when it comes to the music at your wedding. You can opt to do it yourself, have live music, or hire a wedding DJ in Ireland.

Deciding to hire a wedding DJ, a band, or neither comes with many considerations. In this blog, we discuss the important aspects you need to consider when deciding whether you need a DJ at your wedding. Perhaps, you need to look into other entertainment options. Continue reading for all you need to know to make the right decision.

What Are My Wedding DJ Entertainment Options?

When it comes to music at your Irish wedding, you have three primary options: Provide music yourself, hire wedding DJ Ireland, or hire live musicians/band. Each of these options provides advantages and disadvantages. Let’s look at the pros and cons of each in more depth and detail:

Wedding DJ Ireland Pros and Cons

Pros of Wedding DJs

  • They can help facilitate the evening: In addition to playing music, many wedding DJs are also talented MCs (Master of Ceremonies). This means they make announcements to keep the entire wedding organized and ensure that everything goes smooth. They also “read the room” and adjust their music selections accordingly to ensure that everyone is having a great time. 
  • They can play a variety of songs: Another great benefit of a wedding DJ is that they can play a variety of music. This means that they can cater their selections to suit your taste. Expert wedding DJs can also play songs that you might not have thought of when attempting to do it yourself. They can also play music that they know will help get people engaged and dancing. They’re the experts, of course.

  • They need less space and breaks than a band: Wedding DJs typically don’t require much space. They need a table , power source and they should have shelter if your wedding is held outdoors. However, they don’t need a large area in the same way that a wedding band does.

Additionally, Wedding DJ Ireland will likely take fewer breaks than a band. Because there is only one DJ, you don’t need to worry about people needing breaks at different times. Additionally, if they need a break, they can easily keep the music going while they’re away.

  • They are less expensive than a band: Finally, a huge perk of wedding DJs in Ireland is, they are affordable. Providing many benefits, like facilitating the evening and playing a variety of music, and they don’t cost the earth.

Cons of Wedding DJs

  • They are slightly less personalized: Wedding DJs are very skilled at engaging guests and keeping the night moving. In this way, they are very personalized and can change their musical selections to suit your tastes. However, they’re playing pre-recorded songs rather than live music. So they are slightly less personal than a wedding band who can adjust things in real-time.
  • They don’t have the same live appeal as a band: While a Wedding DJ can be very interactive, they can’t match the captivating quality of live music. Having live music provides a special touch that can’t be rivaled.

Wedding Band Pros and Cons

Pros of Wedding Bands

  • Wedding bands are memorable: The biggest pro of having a live band at your wedding is creating a one-of-a-kind experience. Even when others hire the same band, they never get a duplicate performance. Every performance is unique and personalized when it comes to a live band. This can make your wedding one to remember. 
  • They can add style to your wedding: Additionally, wedding bands are somewhat rare these days. They provide an elevated touch. This can serve to enhance the style and class of your wedding. If you’re looking to impress and money is not an issue, hiring a band might be an excellent option.
  • They can engage your guests: While Wedding DJs are also very talented at engaging your guests and getting them on the dance floor. There’s something special about live music. A live band is fun to watch, even for people who don’t enjoy dancing. 

Cons of Wedding Bands

  • Bands require more space and breaks: If you’re going to use a full band, you must make sure that your venue can accommodate them and their equipment. Wedding bands typically need a lot of equipment to perform. It’s important to speak with your venue to ensure that your band will be able to play comfortably. 

Additionally, bands will necessarily need more breaks than a Wedding DJ or DIY music option. They have multiple members to consider and because playing live is more challenging than simply playing music from a device, you should expect that they will need a break or two. However, they can often coordinate these during slower moments and can usually have music played over the speakers while taking a quick break. 

  • Bands are more expensive than a Wedding DJ in Ireland: Another important consideration, of course, is cost. Wedding bands are necessarily more expensive than a Wedding DJ. This is because they typically have multiple members and a lot of expensive equipment. According to Brides entertainment magazine, bands are typically almost 3 times more expensive than a Wedding DJ in Ireland. Because of this, only about 20% of couples opt for a band over Wedding DJ services in Ireland.
  • They have limitations: Additionally, bands may have limitations on the songs they can play. They may have a particular style, and there are sure to be songs they don’t know. You can remedy this by choosing a band that matches your style and preferences. Many wedding bands can learn new songs with enough advanced notice. However, there will be limitations on the songs they can play than if you hire Wedding DJ in Ireland.

DIY Music Pros and Cons

Pros of DIY Music

  • You save money: The biggest benefit of playing your own music at your wedding is that you will save money. If your budget is particularly tight, this can be a strong consideration. Additionally, if your wedding is very small or if you have experience playing audio, providing your own music might be a viable option.
  • You have complete control over the music that is played: If you enjoy being in control and want to make sure that every song is exactly the way you want, then playing your own music might be the option for you. Though you can communicate with your wedding band or Wedding DJ to make sure they’re playing what you want when you want it, playing your own music does offer the advantage of 100% control.

Cons of DIY Music

  • You may run into technical difficulties: This is one of the most prominent reasons why DJing your own wedding may not be the best choice. When you are playing music for a crowd, there are always things that can go wrong. Without experience, you may not be able to fix them. You might experience audible feedback or have some kind of connection issue that prevents the music on your device from being played out through the speakers. You’ll also be responsible for setting up any necessary equipment on your own, and if you’re not knowledgeable, this can cause issues. 
  • You will be busy with entertainment rather than enjoying your celebration: Another significant drawback of providing your own music is that you will be responsible for monitoring it throughout the night. While you can, of course, make a playlist ahead of time and just hit “play,” issues are going to arise. For example, you may want to make a change because someone has a request, and then you’ll find yourself “working” rather than enjoying the fun. No one wants to have to work on their special day, so this is undoubtedly a distinct disadvantage of doing it all yourself.
  • You’ll miss out on the extra help a Wedding DJ or wedding band can provide: Finally, if you are responsible for the music, you’ll also be responsible for all the additional help provided by a Wedding DJ or band. DJs and bands don’t just play music, but they can also help to facilitate the flow of the evening. They can make announcements, such as when it’s time for dining, or when it’s time to introduce the wedding party. 

They can also play different music styles for select moments, such as cocktail hour, the ceremony, and when it’s time to get people on the dance floor. This means that they help control the mood of the wedding, which can be hugely beneficial for keeping things moving smoothly.

Consider a Blend

After looking at the pros and cons of your three options, you may want to consider a middle ground. Another excellent option for your wedding is to have a combination of live music and Wedding DJ services. While a wedding DJ can provide a variety of songs and can help to facilitate the evening, having a live musician for key moments throughout the day can add a special touch. 

Finding a live musician who can also provide excellent DJ services is a fantastic thing. You will get the best of both worlds by having a wedding DJ who can keep the party going all night and a live musician for when you want a special touch of magic and intimacy. Live musicians are lovely for playing music during the walk down the aisle, during cocktail hour, and during your special first dances. If your budget allows it, why not have the best of both worlds? 

Do You Need a DJ at Your Wedding in Ireland?

When it comes to your special day, no one can make the decisions for you. There are many things to consider when planning your wedding music, and for some people, especially those with technical knowledge or who might be planning a smaller wedding, DIY music may be a great fit.

However, for most people, hiring someone to be responsible for entertainment makes more sense. This may mean hiring a band, a solo musician, an expert wedding DJ, or even a combination live musician/DJ. Depending on your taste, the size of your venue, and the vibe you want to create at your wedding, you may opt for a different option than someone else.

There is a reason why expert wedding DJs are the most popular choice for weddings in Ireland. They can provide a variety of songs, help facilitate the wedding’s flow, and cater their music choices to your specific taste. For most people, a talented wedding DJ from Ireland is a perfect fit.

Wedding DJ for Pippa & Lloyd – Leixlip Manor and Gardens, Dublin

The Dublin Wedding DJ

MINT DJ provided their Dublin wedding DJ for one event management. They provide wedding DJ entertainment in Dublin, Cork and Kerry. They provided their evening only wedding DJ service, otherwise know as the GOLD package. Pippa and Lloyd added an uplighting package, which helped to take this beautiful Dublin venue from day to night.

DJ Pete left his home nice and early. This allowed up to 80 minutes travel time for a journey that should only take 50 minutes. However, it was a beautiful sunny afternoon across Dublin, so naturally the roads were congested. The Dublin wedding DJ actually arrived at 6.35pm. Thinking he was 5 minutes late, he went to unload and set up. However he was told by the event manager that the wedding guests had only just finished their first course. They would not be ready for the DJ to set up for at least one hour.

The Uplighting Package

The bride and groom, Pippa and Lloyd booked the uplighting package on top of the standard wedding DJ package. Dublin wedding DJ Pete had only 1 hour to set up everything including the uplighting. The uplighting was set to the colour burnt orange, as requested by the bride. With a limited amount of power sockets available and their locations were not helpful. This meant wedding DJ Pete had to think quick on his feet, armed with various lengths of IEC power cables and duct tape he got to work.

Our Dublin wedding DJ installed the uplighting in just 15 minutes. This allowed him the remaining 45 minutes to set up the sound system and disco lighting. While the DJ was setting up, the guests were still outside in the garden. They were enjoying a lovely sunny evening in the Dublin countryside. Listening to a fabulous acoustic band that the bride and groom booked for their wedding.

Cut The Cake

The bride and groom, Pippa and Lloyd, cut their wedding cake at 9.00 pm. They chose “Jack Johnson – Better together”.  Immediately after, they performed their first dance to “Ben Howard – Only Love”.

The First Dance

After the first dance, they chose “Aretha Franklin – Respect” well chosen by the bride and groom. This encouraged the more mature wedding guests to get up and dance. That’s exactly what everyone did!. There was many song requests from the bride and groom and the wedding guests. So this left very little time for this Dublin wedding DJ to add his own music choices in this DJ set. See below for the Music list that was provided!

The Music List

Amy Winehouse Valerie
Arctic Monkeys When The Sun Goes Down
Barry White Can’t Get Enough Of Your Love, Babe
Ben Howard Only Love
Bill Withers Just The Two Of Us
Bob Marley Redemption Song
Destiny’s Child Bootylicious
Eric Clapton Wonderful Tonight
Example Won’t Go Quietly
Fleetwood Mac Your Own Way
James Brown It’s A Man’s Man’s World
James Brown The Payback
Jamiroquai Little L
Katy Perry Firework
Katy Perry Last Friday Night (T.G.I.F)
Katy Perry California Gurls
Kelis Millionaire
Little Richard Long Tall Sally
Maroon 5 Moves Like Jagger
Marvin Gaye Got To Give It Up (Part 1)
Michael Jackson Billie Jean (Single Version)
Don’t Stop ‘Til You Get Enough
Smooth Criminal
Nelly Hot In Herre
Norah Jones Come Away With Me
Notorious BIG Mo Money, Mo Problems
Prince When Doves Cry
Red Hot Chili Peppers Under The Bridge

The grooms requests

Stevie Wonder Living For The City
The Killers When You Were Young
The Kooks Naive
Timbaland Give It To Me
Usher feat. Pitbull DJ Got Us Fallin’ In Love
Van Morrison Bright Side Of The Road
Vanilla Ice Ice Ice Baby
Will Smith Miami
Beach Boys Surfin’ USA
Chubby Checker Let’s Twist Again
The Drifters Under The Boardwalk
Everly Brothers Bye Bye Love
Little Richard Good Golly Miss Molly
Sam Cooke Twisting The Night Away
Barry White You’re The First, The Last, My Everything
Chic He’s the Greatest Dancer
Peaches & Herb Shake Your Groove Thing
The Jacksons Shake Your Body (Down To The Ground)
Prince Kiss
Groove Armada I See You Baby
Cornershop Brimful Of Asha
Phats & Small Turn Around
Chaka Demus & Pliers Tease Me
Shaggy Boombastic
Frank Sinatra New York New York
Deee-Lite Groove Is In the Heart
666 vs Tag Team Whoomp! (There It Is) (Sean Finn Radio Edit)
House Of Pain Jump Around
K7 Come Baby Come
MC Hammer U Can’t Touch This
Aretha Franklin Respect
Jackie Wilson (Your Love Keeps Lifting Me) Higher And Higher
Martha Reeves Dancing In The Street

The Guests requests

Eva Cassidy Songbird
Justin Timberlake Rock Your Body
Kings Of Leon Use Somebody
Michael Jackson Man In The Mirror
Stevie Wonder Superstition
Bee Gees Jive Talkin’
Van Morrison Brown Eyed Girl
Mark Morrison Return Of The Mack
Usher Yeah!
Beyonce Single Ladies (Put A Ring On It)
Bob Marley No Woman No Cry
Kings Of Leon Sex On Fire
The Killers Mr. Brightside

The climax

Our Dublin wedding DJ loved this party!. But all too quickly the wedding was nearly over. It was time for wedding DJ Pete to play the last song of the night at this Dublin wedding. The bride and groom, Pippa and Lloyd, chose “Take that – Never forget” as the final song of the evening.

At the end of the night, as wedding DJ Pete was packing away, the venue asked for some business cards. As they would like to recommend MINT DJ to future clients. They said he had a very different vibe to the other DJ that works there quite a lot. Surprised at this, Pete asked why do you say that?. Their response was “The other DJ only plays 80’s and 90’s music, he is stuck in the 80’s. You are different though, you play the perfect mix of everything. Dublin wedding DJ Pete replied “Well I am very shocked, surely a good wedding DJ should play a good mix of music for everyone ???” Oh well always learning something new!

Too see MINT DJ in action, go to




Dublin wedding DJ for Duncan and Catherine – Clontarf Castle, Dublin

Duncan and Catherine, from Dublin, booked MINT DJ to provide their wedding entertainment. They provided one of their best Dublin wedding DJs for their reception at Clontarf Castle. This charming, Castle Hotel is just a few minutes walk from Saint Anne’s Park beach.

MINT DJ were asked to supply event DJ Daniel for this Dublin wedding. The chosen DJ arrived early and setup in the main ball room for the evening party. This just happened to be an evening only wedding event. Allowing this Dublin wedding DJ more than enough time to get everything set up. The wedding guests would not be arriving till 9.00 pm.

The venue don’t have any uplighting/mood lighting installed. So the wedding DJ was asked to provide an Uplighting/mood lighting package that transformed this already lovely venue.

The Bride and groom enjoyed an intimate wedding breakfast with family only, they had already cut the cake. The guests started to arrive just after 9pm. When everyone was in the room, the bride and groom opened up the dancing with the first wedding dance. The chosen first dance song was Bob Marley, could you be loved. Certainly an interesting choice, it certainly set the right tone for this Dublin wedding party. Just 30 seconds into the 1st dance, the parents of the bride and groom joined in before the DJ even had a chance to think about encouraging everyone to join them on the dance floor! It’s always nice when wedding guests don’t hold back!

Dublin wedding DJ to get the party started!

The second dance song was strictly for the parents, the well known “Respect” by Aretha Franklin. This was a remix, it was the “One Rascal” remix, faithful to the original but with a strong hint of modern funk! After this, the bride and groom chose “DJ Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince”-“Boom boom shake the room”. This was very apt because everyone at this Dublin wedding was definitely in the mood for shaking the room!

Dublin wedding DJ for Juliette & Andrew – Luttrellstown Castle

The wedding DJ

The wedding DJ was booked by Juliette & Andrew for their special day. This expert wedding DJ from Dublin delivered a tailor made DJ set that reflected both their personalities that was fun.

The bride & groom

Juliette & Andrew, from Kildare had their wedding reception at Luttrellstown Castle. This medieval Castle is to the west of Dublin, near the River Liffey. It’s been owned by the Luttrell family, bookseller Luke White and his descendants Baron Annaly and the Guinness family.

The castle has hosted visits by Queen Victoria in 1844 and 1900. The media profile was raised when Victoria Adams married David Beckham there on 4 July 1999. The demesne’s current owners have converted Woodlands into a 5-star resort.

The venue was a marquee on the grounds of this fantastic estate, but not just any old marquee! Take a look below at this hidden gem of Dublin wedding venues. Alternatively take a look at wedding ideas on their website.

Sussex wedding DJ party event entertainment


The Chilled Out Music

This happy couple booked our Platinum package. This included our Dublin wedding DJ, early setup, background music for the drinks reception and wedding breakfast. A wireless microphone was provided for the speeches.

The background music was a mixture of Ibiza chillout, Zero 7 and other chilled out grooves. This was absolutely perfect for this very relaxed wedding!

Sussex wedding DJ party event entertainmen


Lets Get The Party Started

Juliette & Andrew chose “Gnarls Barkley-Blind Mary” for their traditional first dance. After this our Dublin wedding DJ decided it would be best if he played the parents dance early on. There were actually two songs requested to be played for the parents of the bride and groom. The “Beatles – Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds” and/ or “Louis Armstrong – We Have All The Time In The World”

After the parents danced, it was time to pick up the tempo and create a wedding party to remember! Here’s a list of music the DJ included in his set as previously requested by the bride and groom.

The playlist

The Brides song choices

Classical (Beethoven) Piano Concerto No. 5 “Emperor” (from The Kings Speech)
Daft Punk Aerodynamic
Daft Punk Harder Better Faster Stronger
Don Henley The Boys Of Summer
Duran Duran Rio
Dusty Springfield Spooky
Elvis Presley A Big Hunk O’ Love
Elvis Presley Suspicious Minds
Foster The People Pumped Up Kicks
Goldfrapp Ooh La La
Maroon 5 Moves Like Jagger
Reef Naked
Reef Place Your Hands
Shed Seven Going For Gold
The Beatles Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds
The Prodigy Voodoo People
Duran Duran Planet Earth
Cyndi Lauper Girls Just Want To Have Fun
Blur Parklife
La’s There She Goes
Stone Roses Fools Gold
The Temper Trap Sweet Disposition (Live Lounge 5)
Groove Armada Superstylin’
The Avalanches Since I Left You
Deee-Lite Groove Is In the Heart
Beastie Boys Intergalactic
Louis Armstrong We Have All The Time In The World
Diana Ross You Can’t Hurry Love

The Grooms music choices

Beastie Boys Body Movin’
Empire Of The Sun We Are The People
Outkast Hey Ya!
Supermen Lovers Starlight
Girls Aloud Biology
Kanye West & Jamie Foxx Gold Digger
Queen Don’t Stop Me Now
Babybird You’re Gorgeous
Billy Joel Uptown Girl
Bomb The Bass Winter In July
Bran Van 3000 Drinking In LA
Destiny’s Child Bootylicious
Dubstar Stars
Elvis Presley A Little Less Conversation
Goldfrapp Black Cherry
Israel Kamakawiwo’ole Somewhere Over The Rainbow (What A Wonderful World)
Lily Allen The Fear
Madonna Ray Of Light
Nina Simone Feeling Good
Nina Simone My Baby Just Cares For Me
Queen Bohemian Rhapsody
Queen Radio Ga Ga
Shed Seven Chasing Rainbows
The Beatles Help!
The Beatles When I’m Sixty-Four
The Beloved The Sun Rising
The Temper Trap Sweet Disposition
Robert Miles Children
Spiller Groovejet (If This Ain’t Love)
Bobby Vee The Night Has A Thousand Eyes
Ronettes Be My Baby
Abba Super Trouper
Cyndi Lauper Girls Just Want To Have Fun (Original)
Duran Duran Wild Boys
Madonna Like A Virgin

The guest requests

Soft Cell Tainted Love
The Beloved Sweet Harmony
Spin Doctors Two Princes
BG Buddha Bar
BG Motown
BG Summer Dreamboats
Royksopp Eple
Shirley Bassey Diamonds Are Forever
Astrud Gilberto Fly Me To The Moon
Astrud Gilberto The Girl From Ipanema
Diana Ross Chain Reaction
Marvin Gaye I Heard It Through The Grapevine
Abba Take A Chance On Me
Dusty Springfield Son Of A Preacher Man
Abba Dancing Queen
Kylie Minogue Can’t Get You Out Of My Head
Dire Straits Money For Nothing

Towards the end of the night, the music morphed into a full on old skool house set. Playing songs like “Groove Armada – Superstylin” and the Chemical brothers going down an absolute storm!

Perhaps you would like to get married abroad, click below to see our destination wedding DJ ideas.

A few great reasons to have a Dublin wedding

Dublin Wedding

Dublin is the most influential city in Ireland, according to analysts at Forbes. If you live in Dublin or really love it then it makes sense to have a Dublin wedding. But what part of this great capital will you choose for your special wedding day?. But what part of Ireland should you get married? You might find choosing this confusing!. You have a choice of north, south, east, west and central Dublin. So where should you celebrate your Dublin wedding day?. East Dublin offers some great advantages that you might not be aware of, take a look at some of the benefits it offers.

It Cost’s Less

If you ask most people what the cheapest area of Dublin is they will tell you the East End. Just because it’s a cheaper area doesn’t mean it doesn’t have any nice venues. There are many amazing wedding venues in Hackney and Shoreditch. For some reason many brides tend to look at north, south or west Ireland in search of their perfect wedding venue. It seems there are no definite ideas as to why this is the case. However if you search around the East End a little bit, you can get some incredible deals for your buck!

Dublin wedding DJ It’s Trendy and Uber Cool

Nearly Everyone knows the East End is where you find the uber cool places where the coolest things happen. Shoreditch is well known for being very arty and appealing to a younger crowd with great food and amazing DJs. Include areas like Dalston and Clapton and the completely revitalized Stratford, which underwent big changes for the Dublin games. Now you have yourself a whole host of venues and uber cool places to choose your Dublin wedding celebration.

The Culture

No matter what anyone says against East Dublin, you can never accuse it of not having a definite culture. East Dubliners always have a story to tell and if you have a problem, you won’t find a better place to solve it. Thanks to the unique mix of cultures in areas like Whitechapel, Aldgate East, Bethnal Green and Mile End. Your have no problem sourcing that wedding DJ, Starlight dance floor or uplighting that you need for your event! East Dublin is overflowing with many talented professionals selling a little bit of everything and just like point one states, you will not be made bankrupt in the process!

Event Suppliers Love It

From caterers to wedding DJ entertainment, we all love working in the events industry. but there are times when everything seems like groundhog day, not so in East Dublin!. Arrange your Dublin wedding in a slightly unique way and host it in a different part of Dublin. You can be sure that all your chosen suppliers will feel refreshed and excited to work on a unique event. Therefore it’s reasonable to conclude event suppliers will go the extra distance for you on your wedding day. They will help to make your event extra special.

The City Never Sleeps & The Partying Never Stops

This more than likely applies to your wedding guests than yourself. But if they’re a fun-loving bunch then they will want to continue singing and dancing long after the wedding has ended. The best bit about East Dublin is that it caters to younger people with bars and clubs that stay open all hours . What more do you want?. Long after your Dublin wedding reception is over and your about to enjoy some nice zzzZ in your super nice hotel room, you can sleep peacefully knowing that your hardcore party animal friends can carry on partying to one of the many great club DJs to found in the East End. Don’t worry there’s a very very high chance you won’t see them at breakfast the following morning!lol.

Not really that keen to hold your wedding in East Dublin? No problem! No matter where you’re looking to get married, we can certainly recommend some stunning venues. Take a look at these! Click Here

Corporate entertainment Ireland – Make your event a success

A guide to corporate entertainment Ireland.

Corporate entertainment events are important parts of the company’s yearly calendar. They help promote the business internally and externally as well as reinforcing company branding and corporate work ethics.

They link with existing and potential clients and motivate employees. A lot hinges on corporate events. Whether it’s a convention, exhibition, awards evening or conference – including the good name of the company and its reputation.

A successful corporate event in Ireland will be down to many factors. These will include Choice of Venue, food, atmosphere and, of course, the all-important DJ entertainment.

The right entertainment can take your corporate event to the next level. Making the most out of any act, show or performer will be beneficial. Good corporate events entertainment will leave guests with a memorable experience, helping reinforce the company branding and work ethics. Good entertainment will also attract publicity (of the good sort, especially if celebrities are involved)

The right corporate events entertainment

Corporate event professionals need to ensure the entertainment is pertinent to the event in question, giving consideration to the following.
  • What is the age range? cultural background? Is the company female or male dominated or mixed? Choose your entertainment accordingly. A tribute to ‘Little mix’ or ‘One direction’ might be suitable for a corporate family outdoor event in Surrey. But not for a black tie awards evening in Dublin city.
  • Location and venue size is a big factor, that many organisers and event planners forget (or remember at the last minute) This is very important, as it will be the deciding factor as to whether or not, you have an indoor fairground or if you will opt for a small 5 peice party band and DJ entertainment! Especially if you choose one of Dublins more intimate venues.
  • Costings. Do you have a tight budget that you must adhere to, or is money no problem? The amount of money a company is prepared to spend on entertainment will affect the options available. You get what you pay for comes to mind. Spend more and your entertainment will be impressive and memorable. Many types of corporate entertainment come with an additional surcharge, a Dublin waiting fee is added on.

How to Get the best from your corporate entertainment

There are many acts and performers available. These market themselves solely towards corporate entertainment, ensuring that businesses ‘stand out’. But to get the best from your corporate entertainment, you must make sure of the following.

  • You go for wow factor. Choose unique entertainment that will impress guests and ensure that the event is talked about for weeks to come.

  • If the corporate entertainment you require is for an exhibition or trade stand. Will the acts or performers you book help to increase traffic and entice guests to your stand.
  • Where possible use corporate entertainment that can incorporate your company branding or work ethics.

  • Your up-to-date with the latest entertainment trends to appear ahead of the game/cutting edge

Corporate planning entertainment ideas

In recent times enquiries for newfangled entertainment that make use of cutting edge technology and skills to impress clients at corporate events, these have increased as businesses strive to be unique and ultra modern.

The following corporate entertainment ideas will help you make the most out of your corporate event. This will ensure it’s talked about for all the right reasons:

  • Forget the rabbit in a hat!. Ipad magicians will give a cutting edge magic show using the latest Ipad technology and performance skills (and some humour!). These wow audiences at corporate events. With the correct planning these can incorporate products, messages and company branding. Definitely a talking point.

  • Corporate percussion groups are geared towards corporate clients and performance is done using everyday products like ladders, tools or junk percussioncreative use of everyday objects and materials to make economical and great sounding instruments. These shows also have added wow factor, they fast paced, high energy performance. They are great events for corporate team building.
  • Laser shows and LED technology are still very much cutting edge in the world of corporate entertainment. Wow factor corporate light shows that can incorporate company logos and branding that interact with audiences. This is high end corporate entertainment for businesses that want their event to be on another level.

A few more great ideas

  • Robots that walk and talk are great for corporate events, including exhibitions, conventions and trade shows. They make a great addition as walk around acts that meet and greet your guests. Interactive robots will leave a lasting impression for all corporate events.
  • Video mapping dance groups have been a big thing for corporate events in the last year. Cutting edge technology has allowed talented performers to take dance and visual performances to the next level creating a fusion between humans and computers. These amazing acts can incorporate music and graphics that’s pertinent to your event, as well as company logos, branding and corporate slogans.
  • Sand artists have become popular for corporate events since a female sand artist took the internet by storm. These talented sand artists will provide an amazing performance, creating custom made sand animations for all manner of corporate events. These shows most definitely have the wow factor that will ensure your corporate event is remembered for a long time.

In Conclusion

Corporate event planners must keep key points in mind to ensure that their event is a success.

Corporate entertainment must be aimed towards the key target audience, you need to ensure it’s suitable for guests and attendees. Event professionals dealing with corporate environments always need to search for the very best entertainment that money can buy, this will make a big impact and leave a lasting impression.

The acts, shows or performers you choose must be current and cutting edge, adaptable enough to incorporate company logos and branding. More importantly, they must be unique. Make sure your corporate entertainment is interactive for a truly personal experience, this will go a long way towards impressing your guests.

Ireland corporate event DJs – 7 Things average DJs do wrong!

What is your definition of the perfect corporate event DJ in Ireland?

Have you been asked to hire a corporate event DJ for your company’s upcoming event?. Two simple home truths you need to know, there are ways of doing it well, and also ways of totally messing it up!.

So you have been asked to arrange the party DJ for an upcoming corporate event in Dublin. You may have sourced a DJ through a local hotel, a restaurant, a social club, Social media or through google. We don’t want to scare you, but there is a high chance you will end up with the wrong DJ!.

Unfortunately time and again we hear the same stories. The DJ was terrible, no one was dancing!. The music was too cheesy! The DJ only played one type of music!. The music was awful and just annoyed everyone!.

The truth is, music technology has developed so much now that nearly everyone thinks they’re a DJ. Subsequently there are more mobile DJs available in Ireland than ever before. However in reality there are only a small number of DJs that are suitable for corporate events.

Having a look at the following will help you to decide if you are choosing the right DJ for your next corporate event.

7 things average DJs do wrong at corporate events and office parties in Ireland.

1. They don’t talk to the event organiser

It’s a certainty the venue will tell the DJ when they are meant to start and finish. But what about everything else?. Corporate events and Office parties usually have speeches by CEOs, sometimes a few awards to be given out. There’s normally a buffet or more formal meal, quite possibly an event photographer, photo booth or other forms of corporate entertainment. Running-order wise, then, they can actually be a little more complicated that just playing some music!.

How do you want the DJ to fit in around all these things? Is there anything you need? Any special music required to add the right dynamics at the right time and make the event more fun? You need a corporate event DJ who wants to talk about your plans both in advance and on the night. A professional corporate event DJ will double check on the night to confirm there have been no changes made, they won’t just assume everything is the same as originally planned, so effectively they have your back!

2. Inexperienced DJ’s play too full-on, too early

This is a corporate event not a party in a nightclub. There are many other things going on both in your itinerary and the minds of your guests. It’s common place to find free bars, welcome drinks and wine on tap with dinner at most corporate events and office parties – it takes time and booze to bring down the barriers of office politics and the wariness between bosses and workers before people start even wanting to be there, let alone dance. You need a corporate event DJ that understands this and will gently increase the volume and tempo of the music at the right time. A DJ that knows how to play a long game. Not Smashing out EDM number ones within an hour of everyone arriving assuming everyone will miraculously dance!

3. Many DJs don’t play a wide enough variety of music

Does the DJ you’re hiring realize that play cutting edge house all night will more than likely kill the vibe. You know your audience are mainstream and not clued-up clubbers, make sure the DJ knows this. Many DJs have no clue!. None of your guests care about dance remixes, many DJs take themselves too seriously and let their egos take over. They focus too much on the DJ mixing skills rather than reading the crowd!. You need to know that they will play songs that people know and can dance to! Secondly, you have an age range probably from 18 to 60 to play to. That’s four of five decades of music. So you need to make sure you hire a Dublin corporate event DJ that can deliver what you need!

4. They don’t use the microphone

We have certainly moved away from the traditional old skool DJs that chat a lot throughout the night. At some high profile events it’s recognized that DJs are mutes! However when performing for corporate events just a few words every now and then can work wonders. That’s all that’s needed. Just introducing sections of the night (“let’s go back in time, this ones for team X!”, “this one’s for X, who is leaving the company today”) this kind of thing that breaks down barriers, gets people feeling friendly towards you, and encourages them to request a song and dance more. You definitely don’t want a DJ that chats too much or one that is a total mute! Make sure your event DJ is experienced on the mic!

5. They distort the provided sound system

Often the DJ will be required to use the in house PA system at your chosen venue, Is your DJ experienced enough to coax the right sound out of it? To be honest many PA systems installed in venues for this purpose are not really suitable for DJ use. Strict noise restrictions enforced by local authorities mean you have no other choice. Many DJ don’t have the skill or experience when dealing with PA systems. They distort the audio by pushing a sub-standard PA system thinking louder music will make people dance, it won’t! Hiring a Dublin corporate event DJ will ensure this never happens and the sound at your event remains crystal clear from the start till the last song of the night.

6. Some DJs take their girl friends or mates

There’s only one thing worse than a don’t-want-to-be-there, moody wannabe club DJ doing a bad job of DJing a corporate event or office party that he or she didn’t really want to play in the first place, glaring at a nearly empty dancefloor or checking their phone every 30 seconds from behind their consumer DJ controller – and that’s two or more such characters behaving in the same way. Come on, you’ve asked a so called professional DJ to do a job. That means they should turn up alone without the distraction of other people tagging along. make sure your event DJ is not planning on bringing any non professionals.

7. Inexperienced DJs will  blame the audience for an empty dancefloor

It’s never the audience’s fault. You need to make sure the DJ knows it’s his responsibility to have people on the dance floor. The audience (to alter a well-known retail saying regarding the customer) is always right. Remember, at most corporate events dance floors are rarely packed all night! If the DJ has a steady flow of people on the dance floor then he is doing his job! Don’t be tempted to advise the DJ on what to play! feel free to make the odd request. If you pay sensible money for your corporate event DJ you will find everything runs smooth and to your satisfaction! You should expect to pay £500 upwards if you want to hire a corporate event DJ in Dublin. If you expect to pay much less then be prepared for them to mess it up for you!

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Ireland wedding DJ & Dublin corporate event DJ’s – How much does overtime cost?

Wedding DJ Ireland in Recent times…

It doesn’t matter if I have been a wedding DJ Ireland or a corporate event in Dublin. In recent times I have noticed there has been quite a number of times where I have been asked to play overtime. So far I have not turned down any clients request for overtime.

Reality check!

Is it just me? or do you find it funny that people seem to think the following is perfectly acceptable?

To gang up on the DJ and pressure him into Playing more music at the end of the night. Although the venue may have strict licensing laws, people will still keep insisting the DJ plays just one more song!. Especially when they have had one too many drinks. The DJ can go from being called a legend to being called a C U Next Tues or Thurs depending on your taste!

How many of these people that feel a DJ should play overtime for free would happily work for an extra 10 minutes if their boss asked them to? Probably no one!

Overtime rates!

Why does overtime cost so much?  Does it really cost that much in reality?

A professional DJ for a corporate event in Dublin or wedding DJ in Ireland will cost you around the £600 mark. This will cover up to five hours of playing time with a midnight finish.

We charge overtime after midnight at £100 per hour! You might think this sounds expensive? However if you consider that in many businesses an overtime rate of time and a half is deemed acceptable, then you will begin to realise that £100 per hour is an absolute bargain!

It’s not all about the money!

Many people have the perception that DJ’s are single with no responsibilities. This could be the case for nightclub DJs. However when it comes to wedding DJ’s and corporate DJ’s in Dublin and across Ireland, many of these DJs are married with family commitments.

So when you ask your DJ if they can play overtime, remember that it affects more people than just the DJ.

Last Saturday one of our DJs was performing a set for a corporate event in Dublin. I started at midday and was due to finish my DJ set at 4pm. The staff of this cosmetics company requested if it would be ok for the DJ to do overtime. After the overtime fee was confirmed for this corporate client, they decided that 2 hour of overtime would be perfect! Much to the dismay of his wife.

So next time you want your DJ to play overtime at your wedding in Ireland or corporate event in Dublin, just remember the sacrifices they make to keep you happy!

Dublin wedding DJ creates amazing party for Sam & Soraya

Wedding DJ for a happy couple

This happy couple from Ireland hired our Dublin wedding DJ to provide the right music for their wedding reception. Their chosen venue was the lovely Fabrica Gallery in Malahide, Dublin.

Sam and Soraya chose the evening only Dublin wedding DJ service along with an uplighting/mood lighting package. Uplighting/mood lighting in this venue is a must! This wedding venue is actually a former Holy Trinity Chapel that began life in 1817. The architecture of this venue remains faithful to the original, therefore has a tall roof and lovely balcony. When it comes to ambient lighting this gives you countless options for colour washing, and uplighting features.

The brides chosen colour for her wedding theme was an interesting mix of light purple and lime green!

The Wedding DJ arrived at 5pm, allowing him plenty of time to setup the equipment. Sam and Soraya’s wedding ceremony was held at Saint Peters church on the other side of Dublin. But they had their wedding reception and evening party at the lovely Fabrica Gallery.

As the wedding party and guests arrived the DJ played some chilled out modern Jazz and soulful house music which went down really well, then it was time for the wedding breakfast.

After the wedding breakfast, the dreaded speeches were delivered they only lasted 8 minutes in total, a breath of fresh air! The speeches were short but sweet! Just how most people like them!

The Evening Party

For the traditional first wedding dance the bride and groom chose the old classic soul song by Al Green, Let’s stay together. The second song chosen was the Temptations, My girl. this was for Soraya to dance with her father. The third song Sam and Soraya chose was the well known Olivia Newton John song “your the one that I want” They had a little dance routine all of their own to entertain their guests, once they had performed their dance routine for the first part of the song they encouraged all their friends and family on to the dance floor.

Everyone pretty much stayed on the dance floor for the whole night!  The DJ did have a request sheet from the bride and groom. This request sheet contained a large number of Spanish and Latino songs they wanted the DJ to play. He played them a little later in the evening, which worked out very well as everyone was in to the party and feeling less self conscious. The result being, everyone stayed on the dance floor for the Latino and Spanish set. Considering only 10 percent of the wedding party and guests were Spanish, this was a great result!

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Event DJ for the wedding of Sophine & Tom – Seattle Hotel, Dublin, Ireland

Sophine and Tom, both from Crumlin, Dublin had MINT DJ provide their Dublin wedding DJ for their reception at the Seattle Hotel, Dublin. This casual, modern hotel is just a 5-minute walk from the beach and 2 miles from Dunlaoghaire harbour.

MINT DJ were asked to supply event DJ Jeremy for this Dublin seaside wedding. The chosen DJ arrived early and setup in the room this venue had allocated for the evening party. This was an evening only event. Allowing this Dublin wedding DJ more than enough time to get everything set up. The wedding guests would not be arriving till 7.30 pm.

Despite being a modern venue, The Seattle Hotel do not have any uplighting/mood lighting installed. So the wedding DJ needed to provide the Uplighting/mood lighting that transformed this fine venue.

The Bride and groom cut their wedding cake on the dance floor in the main room where they had their wedding breakfast. The wedding DJ had been provided with a song to play for the cake cutting. The Bride and groom chose “Jason Mraz – I won’t give up”.

After the bride and groom cut the wedding cake, all the guests came into the room. When everybody was in the room, the bride and groom performed the traditional first dance. Their chosen song was “Take That – Rule the world” A quarter of the way through the 1st dance, the parents of the bride and groom joined in before the DJ could make the announcement for them to join in! You have to love it when wedding guests are pro active.

Dublin wedding DJ to get the party started!

The second dance song was strictly for the parents, the well known “Crocodile” by Elton John. After this, the bride and groom chose “Pink – I’m in gonna get this party started” which was very apt, because everyone at this Dublin wedding was definitely in the mood for a  party!

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Ireland wedding DJ for Laura & Nathan – The Grand Hotel, Dublin, Ireland

Ireland Dublin wedding DJ for Laura & Nathan – Saturday 4th May

This was the day Laura & Nathan tied the knot. They chose Ireland Dublin wedding DJ, Jeremy, to provide his expert DJ service for their wedding reception. This wedding was being hosted at The Grand Hotel, Dublin, Ireland.

The bride and groom, Laura & Nathan contacted Ireland wedding DJ Jeremy a few months prior to their wedding day.  After an exchange of a few phone calls and several emails a client meeting was booked, so Jeremy, Laura and Nathan could become better acquainted. They met at their wedding venue, The Grand Hotel, Dublin, Ireland.

Laura and Nathan had already decided the beautiful Albert room on the ground floor of The Grand Hotel would be the backdrop for their wedding reception.

They had seen how stunning the Albert room looks with uplighting/mood lighting so that’s exactly how they wanted the room to look! Nathan was a very big football fan and massive supporter of the Seagulls, otherwise known as Brighton & Hove Albion! So Blue and white was the colour theme for this wedding!

Shortly after the meeting Laura paid the deposit required to secure their booking. A couple of weeks before the wedding day, Laura paid the remaining balance and Nathan sent over a list of special song requests one week before the wedding.

The day of the wedding!

Ireland wedding DJ Jeremy was also supplying the DJ, Sound and Lighting for a corporate event that was also taking place in the same Hotel. This corporate event was taking place in the Empress suite. DJ Lloyd was the DJ booked in, as DJ Jeremy was obviously DJing the wedding of Laura & Nathan in the Albert Room on the other side of the venue.

The uplighting/mood lighting

Jeremy Arrived at midday to set up all the DJ, Sound & Lighting equipment required for both events. First Jeremy installed the uplighting/mood lighting in the Albert room. 24 uplighting/mood lighting units were used to create the right effect, the room looked stunning!

The sound system

Dublin wedding DJ Jeremy used one of the best sound systems that money can buy for this wedding. He used his Meyer Sound UPA1C Mid top PA speakers along with their dedicated M1A sound processor. With Lab gruppen power amplifiers delivering a crystal clear sound that is second to none. DJ Jeremy also used a self powered Turbosound TQ115dp sub bass unit providing a smoother sound with lovely warm Bass.

A sennheiser wireless microphone was provided for any annoucements & the dreaded wedding speeches. After everything was sound checked there was around 75 minutes left before the wedding guests were due to come in. So this wedding DJ cued up the background music, ready to be played instantly as the wedding guests started to arrive.

DJ Jeremy moved swiftly to the Empress suite and Set up the DJ, Sound and Lighting equipment required for this corporate event. No uplighting/mood lighting was required for this corporate event as it  had already been provided by the venues recommended AV company. DJ Jeremy used his d&b audiotechnik C690s powered by the P1200a power amplifier, this took care of the mid top. Meyer Sound USW1 subs were used to take care of the bass. Once installed, Jeremy left DJ Lloyd beck to take care of everything for this corporate event!

Back to the wedding

Back to the wedding of Laura & Nathan. The wedding DJ ensured there was appropriate music playing in the background as the guests arrived. Once all the guests had arrived, the DJ performed the grand entrance, introducing the bride and groom into the room, Playing “Kool and the gang – Celebration” Which certainly helped to liven up the mood somewhat!

The father of the bride made a short welcome speech, after this it was time for the wedding breakfast. The speeches were delivered just after dessert had been served, these went on for some time…

Laura and Nathan also booked the singing waiters for their wedding celebrations, this lively band was perfect to bridge the gap between the wedding breakfast and the evening party.

The wedding cake was cut shortly before the first dance, The theme from dirty dancing, I’ve had the time of my life was the chosen song to cut the wedding cake.

The bride & groom chose “Al Green – Let’s stay together” for their traditional 1st wedding dance.

After the first dance song, the DJ could see that everyone just wanted to party. So this Dublin wedding DJ played no more slow songs till the end of the night. This DJ just played lot of high energy dance floor filling songs, the result?. The dance floor was packed all night long. The wedding finished at 01.05am in the end!

Ireland wedding DJ – Should we use the venue’s recommended DJs or Not?

Ireland wedding DJ come across this quite often.

“I don’t need an Ireland wedding DJ now as our venue provides one included in the price”

“Sorry, we have just found out that we have to use the venues wedding DJ”

What does this mean to the client?

What you think it means.

A reliable Ireland wedding DJ in Ireland, who has played the venue many times before, has the right DJ equipment, great value for money!

What it more than likely means.

In most cases your venue will have a standard set fee for Ireland wedding DJ hire. The price you pay really depends on the class of venue you have chosen. If you choose a sophisticated 5* wedding venue in Dublin, Ireland you will be looking to pay around £500 upwards.

Ireland wedding DJ, how much do they actually get?

Most people don’t give it a second thought and assume your Dublin wedding DJ receives all the money you pay for him or her. Let’s think about this for a second, there is no way you are getting your wedding DJ thrown in the deal for free! First of all, your venue will require an admin charge (maybe £150), they then contact their local entertainments agency or disco company to provide a wedding DJ. The DJ agency will take their commission out of the remaining £500 (this will be around £100 to £150). This will leave a balance of between £200 to £250 for your Dublin wedding DJ… Does that give you confidence?

Which Ireland wedding DJ will you actually get?

You will get the DJ the entertainments agency or DJ company provide. The fact they are the recommended DJ for the venue doesn’t mean they will supply the same Ireland wedding DJ each and every time. Therefore the DJ they supply for your wedding party might not actually know the venue at all! They might not even have that much experience DJing at weddings. At the prices mentioned before they are obviously willing to work for lower fees, so less sought after or a hobbyist that does it for some extra money at the weekends. Can these DJ’s really invest the time and energy required to make your wedding party a success?

What can you do?

Demand to know the Ireland wedding DJ who will be providing the evening entertainment for your wedding party, don’t let the venue tell you otherwise! Just remember it is your big day! The evening entertainment represents over 1/3 of your special day, the evening party is what guests remember most about the wedding! So make sure you have a wedding DJ that will make your party a success!

Once you have the details of your wedding DJ contact them before you book the service. To help you, here’s a few questions that you could ask them…

Is it the regular wedding DJ or a company? Speak to the company – has the DJ been there before?

Have they done lots of wedding events. Speak to the actual DJ, ask questions, like what will you do if no-one dances? Have you got backup equipment?

Can we meet to discuss our event?

Can I see some recent pictures of what we can expect? Make sure that the pictures the company or wedding venue show you are actually the setup that your wedding DJ will provide!

Ask out about their DJ style (cheesy? talkative? cool? quiet?) and their personality – a third of your wedding day is a long time with someone you don’t have the right vibe with!

What happens if your chosen venue has a preferred resident wedding DJ?

You don’t have to accept their chosen Ireland wedding DJ, if they are insistent, remind them that you have other wedding venues on your short list!. Your wedding DJ/host is a huge part of the success of your special day! Don’t let anyone else make that choice for you!

A few final words…

We are not saying don’t choose your venue’s option but make sure you check out their recommended DJ thoroughly to avoid disappointment. It’s your big wedding day and you only do it once. Your wedding DJ can make or break your event, thats a scary thought isn’t it? Choose you Dublin wedding DJ in Ireland wisely! Book MINT DJ below.

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Sally & Brian choose Ireland wedding DJ to give them a party to remember

The Ireland Wedding DJ

Ireland wedding DJ, Jeremy, from MINT DJ was contacted by Ian from Elite disco’s (Elite disco’s are based in Dublin and provide great DJ’s for weddings, corporate events and private parties) anyways Ian wanted Jeremy to provide his DJ services for a wedding anniversary.

The Venue

This wedding Anniversary was held in a Barn on a farm near Hankham, Ireland.

Setting up the DJ equipment

The Dublin wedding DJ arrived before time, allowing him the required amount of time to set up his DJ equipment, Sound system and lighting. The DJ was a bit perplexed when he saw where the client wanted him to go!. The people in charge for the event was still building the stage!. Fair enough you may say, but guess what they were buiding it out of ??? Haystacks!!!. With a huge sheet of ply on top!. Yes you did read right!. Health and saftey would of had a field day!!!. No pun meant there!. Lol.

It all seemed a bit much for this Dublin wedding DJ, but he remained as professional as he could be…  Anyways after checking the stability of this lovely hay stage, he decided it would be OK to set up the DJ rig, sound system & lighting. The only thing the DJ set up to stage was his DJ decks, everything else was set up off stage to ensure that if some problem occured. The lighting was setup on the floor behind the DJ on a large heavy duty stand. The sound system was also set up on the floor. In the end there was actually no problems and everything went very smoothly.

The guests arrive

Everyone arrived shortly after 19.30 hours, so the DJ just played some chilled out music for the first hour or so, but as the client was not having a sit down meal, it was only appropriate that the DJ increase the tempo and volume of the music to keep the vibe right.

Buffet time

The client decided to have a hog roast for their wedding anniversary, everyone love it, it was a great choice! They also had a small buffet selection. After the food it was time for the anniversary couples first dance, no doubt bringing back memories of their special wedding day.

Party time

After Sally and Brian danced their first dance, they wanted to party and that is what they did and all their guests, the party was due to stop at 1am, but they begged this Ireland wedding DJ to play a little longer and that’s exactly what he did, after they arranged the overtime fee!.