A guide to corporate entertainment Ireland.

Corporate entertainment events are important parts of the company’s yearly calendar. They help promote the business internally and externally as well as reinforcing company branding and corporate work ethics.

They link with existing and potential clients and motivate employees. A lot hinges on corporate events. Whether it’s a convention, exhibition, awards evening or conference – including the good name of the company and its reputation.

A successful corporate event in Ireland will be down to many factors. These will include Choice of Venue, food, atmosphere and, of course, the all-important DJ entertainment.

The right entertainment can take your corporate event to the next level. Making the most out of any act, show or performer will be beneficial. Good corporate events entertainment will leave guests with a memorable experience, helping reinforce the company branding and work ethics. Good entertainment will also attract publicity (of the good sort, especially if celebrities are involved)

The right corporate events entertainment

Corporate event professionals need to ensure the entertainment is pertinent to the event in question, giving consideration to the following.
  • What is the age range? cultural background? Is the company female or male dominated or mixed? Choose your entertainment accordingly. A tribute to ‘Little mix’ or ‘One direction’ might be suitable for a corporate family outdoor event in Surrey. But not for a black tie awards evening in Dublin city.
  • Location and venue size is a big factor, that many organisers and event planners forget (or remember at the last minute) This is very important, as it will be the deciding factor as to whether or not, you have an indoor fairground or if you will opt for a small 5 peice party band and DJ entertainment! Especially if you choose one of Dublins more intimate venues.
  • Costings. Do you have a tight budget that you must adhere to, or is money no problem? The amount of money a company is prepared to spend on entertainment will affect the options available. You get what you pay for comes to mind. Spend more and your entertainment will be impressive and memorable. Many types of corporate entertainment come with an additional surcharge, a Dublin waiting fee is added on.

How to Get the best from your corporate entertainment

There are many acts and performers available. These market themselves solely towards corporate entertainment, ensuring that businesses ‘stand out’. But to get the best from your corporate entertainment, you must make sure of the following.

  • You go for wow factor. Choose unique entertainment that will impress guests and ensure that the event is talked about for weeks to come.

  • If the corporate entertainment you require is for an exhibition or trade stand. Will the acts or performers you book help to increase traffic and entice guests to your stand.
  • Where possible use corporate entertainment that can incorporate your company branding or work ethics.

  • Your up-to-date with the latest entertainment trends to appear ahead of the game/cutting edge

Corporate planning entertainment ideas

In recent times enquiries for newfangled entertainment that make use of cutting edge technology and skills to impress clients at corporate events, these have increased as businesses strive to be unique and ultra modern.

The following corporate entertainment ideas will help you make the most out of your corporate event. This will ensure it’s talked about for all the right reasons:

  • Forget the rabbit in a hat!. Ipad magicians will give a cutting edge magic show using the latest Ipad technology and performance skills (and some humour!). These wow audiences at corporate events. With the correct planning these can incorporate products, messages and company branding. Definitely a talking point.

  • Corporate percussion groups are geared towards corporate clients and performance is done using everyday products like ladders, tools or junk percussioncreative use of everyday objects and materials to make economical and great sounding instruments. These shows also have added wow factor, they fast paced, high energy performance. They are great events for corporate team building.
  • Laser shows and LED technology are still very much cutting edge in the world of corporate entertainment. Wow factor corporate light shows that can incorporate company logos and branding that interact with audiences. This is high end corporate entertainment for businesses that want their event to be on another level.

A few more great ideas

  • Robots that walk and talk are great for corporate events, including exhibitions, conventions and trade shows. They make a great addition as walk around acts that meet and greet your guests. Interactive robots will leave a lasting impression for all corporate events.
  • Video mapping dance groups have been a big thing for corporate events in the last year. Cutting edge technology has allowed talented performers to take dance and visual performances to the next level creating a fusion between humans and computers. These amazing acts can incorporate music and graphics that’s pertinent to your event, as well as company logos, branding and corporate slogans.
  • Sand artists have become popular for corporate events since a female sand artist took the internet by storm. These talented sand artists will provide an amazing performance, creating custom made sand animations for all manner of corporate events. These shows most definitely have the wow factor that will ensure your corporate event is remembered for a long time.

In Conclusion

Corporate event planners must keep key points in mind to ensure that their event is a success.

Corporate entertainment must be aimed towards the key target audience, you need to ensure it’s suitable for guests and attendees. Event professionals dealing with corporate environments always need to search for the very best entertainment that money can buy, this will make a big impact and leave a lasting impression.

The acts, shows or performers you choose must be current and cutting edge, adaptable enough to incorporate company logos and branding. More importantly, they must be unique. Make sure your corporate entertainment is interactive for a truly personal experience, this will go a long way towards impressing your guests.