The Ireland Wedding DJ

Ireland wedding DJ, Jeremy, from MINT DJ was contacted by Ian from Elite disco’s (Elite disco’s are based in Dublin and provide great DJ’s for weddings, corporate events and private parties) anyways Ian wanted Jeremy to provide his DJ services for a wedding anniversary.

The Venue

This wedding Anniversary was held in a Barn on a farm near Hankham, Ireland.

Setting up the DJ equipment

The Dublin wedding DJ arrived before time, allowing him the required amount of time to set up his DJ equipment, Sound system and lighting. The DJ was a bit perplexed when he saw where the client wanted him to go!. The people in charge for the event was still building the stage!. Fair enough you may say, but guess what they were buiding it out of ??? Haystacks!!!. With a huge sheet of ply on top!. Yes you did read right!. Health and saftey would of had a field day!!!. No pun meant there!. Lol.

It all seemed a bit much for this Dublin wedding DJ, but he remained as professional as he could be…  Anyways after checking the stability of this lovely hay stage, he decided it would be OK to set up the DJ rig, sound system & lighting. The only thing the DJ set up to stage was his DJ decks, everything else was set up off stage to ensure that if some problem occured. The lighting was setup on the floor behind the DJ on a large heavy duty stand. The sound system was also set up on the floor. In the end there was actually no problems and everything went very smoothly.

The guests arrive

Everyone arrived shortly after 19.30 hours, so the DJ just played some chilled out music for the first hour or so, but as the client was not having a sit down meal, it was only appropriate that the DJ increase the tempo and volume of the music to keep the vibe right.

Buffet time

The client decided to have a hog roast for their wedding anniversary, everyone love it, it was a great choice! They also had a small buffet selection. After the food it was time for the anniversary couples first dance, no doubt bringing back memories of their special wedding day.

Party time

After Sally and Brian danced their first dance, they wanted to party and that is what they did and all their guests, the party was due to stop at 1am, but they begged this Ireland wedding DJ to play a little longer and that’s exactly what he did, after they arranged the overtime fee!.