Wedding DJ Ireland in Recent times…

It doesn’t matter if I have been a wedding DJ Ireland or a corporate event in Dublin. In recent times I have noticed there has been quite a number of times where I have been asked to play overtime. So far I have not turned down any clients request for overtime.

Reality check!

Is it just me? or do you find it funny that people seem to think the following is perfectly acceptable?

To gang up on the DJ and pressure him into Playing more music at the end of the night. Although the venue may have strict licensing laws, people will still keep insisting the DJ plays just one more song!. Especially when they have had one too many drinks. The DJ can go from being called a legend to being called a C U Next Tues or Thurs depending on your taste!

How many of these people that feel a DJ should play overtime for free would happily work for an extra 10 minutes if their boss asked them to? Probably no one!

Overtime rates!

Why does overtime cost so much?  Does it really cost that much in reality?

A professional DJ for a corporate event in Dublin or wedding DJ in Ireland will cost you around the £600 mark. This will cover up to five hours of playing time with a midnight finish.

We charge overtime after midnight at £100 per hour! You might think this sounds expensive? However if you consider that in many businesses an overtime rate of time and a half is deemed acceptable, then you will begin to realise that £100 per hour is an absolute bargain!

It’s not all about the money!

Many people have the perception that DJ’s are single with no responsibilities. This could be the case for nightclub DJs. However when it comes to wedding DJ’s and corporate DJ’s in Dublin and across Ireland, many of these DJs are married with family commitments.

So when you ask your DJ if they can play overtime, remember that it affects more people than just the DJ.

Last Saturday one of our DJs was performing a set for a corporate event in Dublin. I started at midday and was due to finish my DJ set at 4pm. The staff of this cosmetics company requested if it would be ok for the DJ to do overtime. After the overtime fee was confirmed for this corporate client, they decided that 2 hour of overtime would be perfect! Much to the dismay of his wife.

So next time you want your DJ to play overtime at your wedding in Ireland or corporate event in Dublin, just remember the sacrifices they make to keep you happy!