Ireland Dublin wedding DJ for Laura & Nathan – Saturday 4th May

This was the day Laura & Nathan tied the knot. They chose Ireland Dublin wedding DJ, Jeremy, to provide his expert DJ service for their wedding reception. This wedding was being hosted at The Grand Hotel, Dublin, Ireland.

The bride and groom, Laura & Nathan contacted Ireland wedding DJ Jeremy a few months prior to their wedding day.  After an exchange of a few phone calls and several emails a client meeting was booked, so Jeremy, Laura and Nathan could become better acquainted. They met at their wedding venue, The Grand Hotel, Dublin, Ireland.

Laura and Nathan had already decided the beautiful Albert room on the ground floor of The Grand Hotel would be the backdrop for their wedding reception.

They had seen how stunning the Albert room looks with uplighting/mood lighting so that’s exactly how they wanted the room to look! Nathan was a very big football fan and massive supporter of the Seagulls, otherwise known as Brighton & Hove Albion! So Blue and white was the colour theme for this wedding!

Shortly after the meeting Laura paid the deposit required to secure their booking. A couple of weeks before the wedding day, Laura paid the remaining balance and Nathan sent over a list of special song requests one week before the wedding.

The day of the wedding!

Ireland wedding DJ Jeremy was also supplying the DJ, Sound and Lighting for a corporate event that was also taking place in the same Hotel. This corporate event was taking place in the Empress suite. DJ Lloyd was the DJ booked in, as DJ Jeremy was obviously DJing the wedding of Laura & Nathan in the Albert Room on the other side of the venue.

The uplighting/mood lighting

Jeremy Arrived at midday to set up all the DJ, Sound & Lighting equipment required for both events. First Jeremy installed the uplighting/mood lighting in the Albert room. 24 uplighting/mood lighting units were used to create the right effect, the room looked stunning!

The sound system

Dublin wedding DJ Jeremy used one of the best sound systems that money can buy for this wedding. He used his Meyer Sound UPA1C Mid top PA speakers along with their dedicated M1A sound processor. With Lab gruppen power amplifiers delivering a crystal clear sound that is second to none. DJ Jeremy also used a self powered Turbosound TQ115dp sub bass unit providing a smoother sound with lovely warm Bass.

A sennheiser wireless microphone was provided for any annoucements & the dreaded wedding speeches. After everything was sound checked there was around 75 minutes left before the wedding guests were due to come in. So this wedding DJ cued up the background music, ready to be played instantly as the wedding guests started to arrive.

DJ Jeremy moved swiftly to the Empress suite and Set up the DJ, Sound and Lighting equipment required for this corporate event. No uplighting/mood lighting was required for this corporate event as it  had already been provided by the venues recommended AV company. DJ Jeremy used his d&b audiotechnik C690s powered by the P1200a power amplifier, this took care of the mid top. Meyer Sound USW1 subs were used to take care of the bass. Once installed, Jeremy left DJ Lloyd beck to take care of everything for this corporate event!

Back to the wedding

Back to the wedding of Laura & Nathan. The wedding DJ ensured there was appropriate music playing in the background as the guests arrived. Once all the guests had arrived, the DJ performed the grand entrance, introducing the bride and groom into the room, Playing “Kool and the gang – Celebration” Which certainly helped to liven up the mood somewhat!

The father of the bride made a short welcome speech, after this it was time for the wedding breakfast. The speeches were delivered just after dessert had been served, these went on for some time…

Laura and Nathan also booked the singing waiters for their wedding celebrations, this lively band was perfect to bridge the gap between the wedding breakfast and the evening party.

The wedding cake was cut shortly before the first dance, The theme from dirty dancing, I’ve had the time of my life was the chosen song to cut the wedding cake.

The bride & groom chose “Al Green – Let’s stay together” for their traditional 1st wedding dance.

After the first dance song, the DJ could see that everyone just wanted to party. So this Dublin wedding DJ played no more slow songs till the end of the night. This DJ just played lot of high energy dance floor filling songs, the result?. The dance floor was packed all night long. The wedding finished at 01.05am in the end!