Dublin Wedding

Dublin is the most influential city in Ireland, according to analysts at Forbes. If you live in Dublin or really love it then it makes sense to have a Dublin wedding. But what part of this great capital will you choose for your special wedding day?. But what part of Ireland should you get married? You might find choosing this confusing!. You have a choice of north, south, east, west and central Dublin. So where should you celebrate your Dublin wedding day?. East Dublin offers some great advantages that you might not be aware of, take a look at some of the benefits it offers.

It Cost’s Less

If you ask most people what the cheapest area of Dublin is they will tell you the East End. Just because it’s a cheaper area doesn’t mean it doesn’t have any nice venues. There are many amazing wedding venues in Hackney and Shoreditch. For some reason many brides tend to look at north, south or west Ireland in search of their perfect wedding venue. It seems there are no definite ideas as to why this is the case. However if you search around the East End a little bit, you can get some incredible deals for your buck!

Dublin wedding DJ It’s Trendy and Uber Cool

Nearly Everyone knows the East End is where you find the uber cool places where the coolest things happen. Shoreditch is well known for being very arty and appealing to a younger crowd with great food and amazing DJs. Include areas like Dalston and Clapton and the completely revitalized Stratford, which underwent big changes for the Dublin games. Now you have yourself a whole host of venues and uber cool places to choose your Dublin wedding celebration.

The Culture

No matter what anyone says against East Dublin, you can never accuse it of not having a definite culture. East Dubliners always have a story to tell and if you have a problem, you won’t find a better place to solve it. Thanks to the unique mix of cultures in areas like Whitechapel, Aldgate East, Bethnal Green and Mile End. Your have no problem sourcing that wedding DJ, Starlight dance floor or uplighting that you need for your event! East Dublin is overflowing with many talented professionals selling a little bit of everything and just like point one states, you will not be made bankrupt in the process!

Event Suppliers Love It

From caterers to wedding DJ entertainment, we all love working in the events industry. but there are times when everything seems like groundhog day, not so in East Dublin!. Arrange your Dublin wedding in a slightly unique way and host it in a different part of Dublin. You can be sure that all your chosen suppliers will feel refreshed and excited to work on a unique event. Therefore it’s reasonable to conclude event suppliers will go the extra distance for you on your wedding day. They will help to make your event extra special.

The City Never Sleeps & The Partying Never Stops

This more than likely applies to your wedding guests than yourself. But if they’re a fun-loving bunch then they will want to continue singing and dancing long after the wedding has ended. The best bit about East Dublin is that it caters to younger people with bars and clubs that stay open all hours . What more do you want?. Long after your Dublin wedding reception is over and your about to enjoy some nice zzzZ in your super nice hotel room, you can sleep peacefully knowing that your hardcore party animal friends can carry on partying to one of the many great club DJs to found in the East End. Don’t worry there’s a very very high chance you won’t see them at breakfast the following morning!lol.

Not really that keen to hold your wedding in East Dublin? No problem! No matter where you’re looking to get married, we can certainly recommend some stunning venues. Take a look at these! Click Here