Ireland wedding DJ come across this quite often.

“I don’t need an Ireland wedding DJ now as our venue provides one included in the price”

“Sorry, we have just found out that we have to use the venues wedding DJ”

What does this mean to the client?

What you think it means.

A reliable Ireland wedding DJ in Ireland, who has played the venue many times before, has the right DJ equipment, great value for money!

What it more than likely means.

In most cases your venue will have a standard set fee for Ireland wedding DJ hire. The price you pay really depends on the class of venue you have chosen. If you choose a sophisticated 5* wedding venue in Dublin, Ireland you will be looking to pay around £500 upwards.

Ireland wedding DJ, how much do they actually get?

Most people don’t give it a second thought and assume your Dublin wedding DJ receives all the money you pay for him or her. Let’s think about this for a second, there is no way you are getting your wedding DJ thrown in the deal for free! First of all, your venue will require an admin charge (maybe £150), they then contact their local entertainments agency or disco company to provide a wedding DJ. The DJ agency will take their commission out of the remaining £500 (this will be around £100 to £150). This will leave a balance of between £200 to £250 for your Dublin wedding DJ… Does that give you confidence?

Which Ireland wedding DJ will you actually get?

You will get the DJ the entertainments agency or DJ company provide. The fact they are the recommended DJ for the venue doesn’t mean they will supply the same Ireland wedding DJ each and every time. Therefore the DJ they supply for your wedding party might not actually know the venue at all! They might not even have that much experience DJing at weddings. At the prices mentioned before they are obviously willing to work for lower fees, so less sought after or a hobbyist that does it for some extra money at the weekends. Can these DJ’s really invest the time and energy required to make your wedding party a success?

What can you do?

Demand to know the Ireland wedding DJ who will be providing the evening entertainment for your wedding party, don’t let the venue tell you otherwise! Just remember it is your big day! The evening entertainment represents over 1/3 of your special day, the evening party is what guests remember most about the wedding! So make sure you have a wedding DJ that will make your party a success!

Once you have the details of your wedding DJ contact them before you book the service. To help you, here’s a few questions that you could ask them…

Is it the regular wedding DJ or a company? Speak to the company – has the DJ been there before?

Have they done lots of wedding events. Speak to the actual DJ, ask questions, like what will you do if no-one dances? Have you got backup equipment?

Can we meet to discuss our event?

Can I see some recent pictures of what we can expect? Make sure that the pictures the company or wedding venue show you are actually the setup that your wedding DJ will provide!

Ask out about their DJ style (cheesy? talkative? cool? quiet?) and their personality – a third of your wedding day is a long time with someone you don’t have the right vibe with!

What happens if your chosen venue has a preferred resident wedding DJ?

You don’t have to accept their chosen Ireland wedding DJ, if they are insistent, remind them that you have other wedding venues on your short list!. Your wedding DJ/host is a huge part of the success of your special day! Don’t let anyone else make that choice for you!

A few final words…

We are not saying don’t choose your venue’s option but make sure you check out their recommended DJ thoroughly to avoid disappointment. It’s your big wedding day and you only do it once. Your wedding DJ can make or break your event, thats a scary thought isn’t it? Choose you Dublin wedding DJ in Ireland wisely! Book MINT DJ below.

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