Ireland wedding DJ for Laura & Peter at Hilton Hotel, Dublin, Ireland

Ireland wedding DJ provided by event company

TKR event management booked MINT DJ and asked them to provide our wedding DJ Ireland, Jeremy. Kate knows Jeremy to be a true professional and they work together with one goal in mind, to deliver the perfect wedding event each and every time!.

The venue.

This celebration of love and marriage was for Laura and Peter. This took place in their home town of Dublin. The wedding was held at the Hilton Hotel overlooking the seaside. Ireland wedding DJ Jeremy was assigned by MINT DJ to provide his expert wedding DJ service, helping to ensure that this wedding was one to remember.

Laura and Peter had their wedding reception in the Ambassador suite. This is the smallest function room in the Hilton. It’s perfect for smaller parties where people will want to have a dance!. Therefore making the Ambassador suite is perfect for intimate wedding celebrations.

The Ireland wedding DJ setup.

Our DJ used his smaller sound system and lighting rig, this was perfect for this size of wedding. the sound covered the entire room providing music that was both loud enough to dance too while being quiet enough for people to have a chat earlier on if they wanted to. Later on, when the bar opened in the adjoining room the DJ raised the volume of the music as it seemed everyone wanted to party!.

Ireland wedding DJ – music requests.

This wedding was somewhat of an intimate affair, The bride and groom simply required a great DJ and disco service. This wedding DJ worked with a number of underground indie rock requests, he played them at the right time throughout the evening. This ensured all wedding guests were happy including Laura and Peter.

Laura and Peter’s chosen first dance song was Snow patrol, Chasing cars. This set the tone for the wedding party. Their were quite a number of younger ones and young hearted ones attending the evening celebrations. Classic songs by Queen and Barry White were thrown in the mix to keep the more mature party people happy. During the evening the DJ had many requests, mainly from the bridesmaids and Lauras girl friends. The requests included Pigeon Detectives, Kaiser Chiefs, My Chemical Romance, Linkin Park, Fratellis, Arctic Monkeys and many more. The brides favourite was N trance, Set You Free which allowed our Ireland wedding DJ to play a short 90s dance set, this helped to keep things fresh.

The ending.

Final song of the night was Take that, Never forget. The dance floor was full and everyone wanted to hear more song and carry on partying even though it was 1am. This was a very enjoyable experience for Ireland wedding DJ, Jeremy. He loved every single minute of it!

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Ireland corporate event DJ rocks the party for Grey London

Ireland corporate event DJ for party to remember for Grey London Advertising Agency.

Steve from En masse productions contacted MINT DJ to supply their Ireland corporate event DJ for this party. This party was for the high profile Advertising Agency from London called Grey London.

Ireland corporate event DJ entertainment party

Grey London is an open minded advertising company, that’s a collection of almost 500 people working in Ireland. This is a creative company on a mission to make unique shapes of work, partnering with the world’s most aspiring brands. They play a significant role in making their clients ambitions a success.

Branding is very important to Grey London, so when it comes to music, this company needed, not wanted!. They rquired Ireland corporate event DJ to play the right music for this party event. Most of the employees who work for Grey London are aged 18 to 40ish, they come from very diverse cultures.

The venue.

Grey London hosted this corporate event from their head offices at Hatton Gardens. Where better to host your corporate event than on your own business premises?. This keeps the cost down and allows you to spend money where it matters the most. On your Ireland corporate event DJ, who will give you the party you need!.

Everyone was coming to this corporate party strait from work, therefore everyone arrived early!.

The Ireland corporate event DJ

Ireland corporate event DJ entertainment

All the lighting and theming was supplied by another event management company. The DJ supplied a PA system and a wireless microphone for a couple of short speeches. The main reception desk was cleared for the DJ to use as his DJ booth. Very cool it was too!

Let’s get the party started.

During the early part of the evening the DJ played Soulful & deep house grooves at just the right volume. This created a nice vibe that got everyone in the mood, you could see people almost dancing!

What did the DJ play?

The party was amazing and everyone was up for it!. The DJ was playing anything and everything and everyone loved every single minute of it!. The DJ played everything you can think of, from Sclub 7, Michael Jackson, Chic and Prince to Swedish house mafia and Eric morillo. This Dublin corporate event DJ was loving every single minute of this amazing party.

Ireland corporate event DJ entertainment

One of the highlights of the night for this DJ was a man coming up and saying the following. The man said are you for real?. You’re a DJ, you cannot play Kool & the gang “Celebration” strait after Dbanj “Oliver twist”? The DJ replied yes I can! lol

The DJ politely pointed at the dance floor, so this man could see that there was no change!. Everybody was still rammed on the dance floor. Everyone wanted more and more, the party ended at 1am, we forgot to mention the party was held on a school night!. Everyone had work the next day. Great to see the twitter and facebook feeds from Grey London, The posts hinted that some of their employees were feeling a bit worse for wear!. This was very reassuring for this Dublin corporate event DJ!.

Ireland corporate event DJ entertainment

Another successful corporate event with many happy people leaving down the steps you see in the image above. It was time for Ireland corporate event DJ to strike his DJ rig and head home.

The Grey London Facebook page, I would say this Dublin corporate event DJ absolutely smashed this party!

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Ireland wedding DJ for Emma & Scott, Grand Hotel, Dublin

The Ireland wedding DJ

DJ Jeremy from MINT DJ was the Ireland wedding DJ hired to perform for this Lovely couple, Emma and Scott.

The date

Saturday 12th May 2012,

Emma and Scott hired Ireland wedding DJ Jeremy to perform a very memorable DJ set at their wedding party. The bride and groom hired Ireland wedding DJ Jeremy through TKR event management. They are one of the recommended suppliers for the Grand Hotel and Hilton Hotel in Dublin. They provide Entertainment, theming, draping and all the finishing touches to make your wedding or corporate event perfect.

The wedding venue

The Grand Hotel has Victorian grandeur, beautiful architecture and sea views, making this the quintessential Irish wedding venue. A stone’s throw away from the beach; The Grand Hotel is perfect for couples who choose to have a sophisticated seaside wedding.

Long established with a quirky charm, the elegant Dublin bandstand, stunning sea views making the perfect backdrop to your special wedding day.

MINT DJ provide many extra services like Uplighting/mood lighting, Dance floors, Monogram projection and more. Emma and Scott only wanted Ireland wedding DJ Jeremy to provide his Evening only wedding DJ service.

When booking our wedding DJ service, the bride didn’t want the lighting too over powering. Therefore the DJ installed a smaller lighting rig for this event.

Ireland wedding DJ plays the right music

The brides favourite music was Kylie Minogue and Madonna but the groom loved Ferry Corsten & Sweedish House Mafia! Consequently it was a very varied DJ set.

Emma and Scott opened up the dancing with the traditional first dance, choosing “Al Green – Let’s stay together”.  After the first dance, the DJ played “Superstition” by “Stevie wonder” followed by some motown classics. As a result everyone was in the mood for a party.

The highlight of the night for this wedding DJ was the reaction of the bride and groom when the DJ played “Punk” by Ferry Corsten!. That was just the start, at one point in the evening, after midnight it seemed like a rave going on. Therefore many of the younger guests were punching the air!

Final song of the night was the all time classic! “Take that-Never forget”

The feedback

The bride and groom certainly didn’t forget to thank this Ireland wedding DJ. Look at this lovely feedback they sent him.

Sussex Brighton wedding event party DJ hire entertainment

If your getting married, MINT DJ can provide our wedding DJ services. We provide DJ hire services in Dublin, West Cork, Galway and all over Ireland. If you are getting married abroad click here for our destination wedding DJ service.

How to pick the perfect playlist for your Irish wedding DJ

Your Ireland wedding DJ playlist, just background music or music to express yourself ?

It don’t matter what the wedding playlist is for, however it matters how and when you begin to create it. Here are some valuable tips from an expert Ireland wedding DJ to help you get it right!

Start early.

For most wedding couples in Ireland it will be very difficult to narrow down your music choices. Also getting them into an order that flows the way you want it to. Stating the obvious, you will need to allow plenty of time to choose and arrange the music so it’s perfect for your irish wedding. This is not something that can be done a few days before the wedding.  Starting to plan the playlist four or five months before your big day is about right. This will allow you to create your initial playlist, then you can come back to it with fresh ears weeks later and then refine it.

Start with what you know.

You and your fiance will likely agree on a few songs that you must include. It’s highly likely that there will be only one first dance song that right for you. It will be a similar situation for the music you choose for your wedding ceremony. Having these and other must-have songs picked out will give you a skeleton to build on. You can then plan out where these songs should fall and think of what should lead into and follow them. Bridging the gaps will feel a lot less of a challenging job than a daunting “Five hours of music!”

Start with your existing music collection.

In your determination to find The Perfect Songs. You could spent a long time googling recommendations, thinking you can have the best of the best. Sounds simple right? Except, one thing, the best will actually be a lot more subjective than you want it to be. You will probably find yourself scrolling through youtube and iTunes. You will more than likely pull up every song that appeals to you and this can confuse the situation. Therefore we suggest that you start with your existing music collection and add more music if you need more music.

Break it up.

You will likely find yourself refering to The Playlist as one item. However in reality your working on several lists. If you have this mindset your be able to approach each one with a different objective in mind. For most weddings the following breakdowns will be the correct way to go.

  • Pre-ceremony: This should be a selection of songs to play while guests enter and take their seats. The music you choose should be personal to you, after all this day is about you and no one else!. So make sure you fill it with your favorites, these might not be familiar to your family and friends but will be right for you. Be sure that you have selected enough songs, just in case there is any delay. You really don’t want to find yourself in a situation where you have to play the same songs more than once! It will be very obvious! You don’t want that!
  • The ceremony: For obvious reasons this should be a dedicated playlist on its own. For many brides it can be quite tricky to perfect. You need to choose the right song for the Processional, the signing of the register, the Recessional and the postlude. These will be special songs that mean a great deal you and your fiance. These songs don’t really have to fit in seamlessly with the rest of the evening’s music since it’s so tied to the moment in question.

After the ceremony

  • Cocktail Reception: Your ceremony and reception might be held in the same space, so the recessional will lead straight into cocktails and socializing. Taking the vibe from your recessional (and from your expectations of how you expect to be feeling at the time), you might choose faster, upbeat, celebratory songs—ones, where you might want to throw our hands in the air but wouldn’t be strong enough for the dance floor. However you might prefer lighter easy on the ear jazz music
  • Wedding Breakfast: You will definitely want the softer music here. You want a more relaxing feel while everyone ate and talked, and you don’t want the transition to your (slow) first dance song to feel erratic.
  • Dance party: This will definitely be the hardest part. You NEED to give your irish wedding DJ with something sensible that he can work with. If you don’t want to make your wedding DJs job a nightmare this playlist will require some stretching of your “personal” preferences because one of the most effective ways to get people dancing is to play what they know. Your might surprise yourself by realizing that you will really, really want people to dance at your irish wedding. You want your party to be known as the wedding of the year!

Ask for suggestions

Ask for suggestions, but don’t be afraid to ignore them. Like many couples, you should do some crowdsourcing: A great idea is to include a line on your RSVP cards that read, “I promise to dance if you play…..  These are good intentions but should be taken with a pinch of salt! You will find that you will always get some very dodgy dance floor killers that will show up in your mailbox. If you have any sense make sure they are excluded and add these to a DONT YOU DARE list that you can give to your irish wedding DJ. You will end up including quite a few songs that you might not have chosen yourselves, or find challenging to fit into the DJ set, it will be so rewarding to see people exclaim “This is my song!” throughout the night as a result. Ultimately you should let your Irish wedding DJ take control of the night for you, he will use your playlist as a guide, he can read the crowd better than anyone and will thus ensure your have an amazing wedding party to remember!

Don’t be afraid to break your own rules

Always be open mined to include your in-laws’ request,  in your dance playlist, yes, it might clear the dance floor. But seeing them swaying blissfully, alone and completely oblivious to the world around them is a memory you will to treasure forever.

Nobody cares about the playlist as much as you do, other than your expert Irish wedding DJ. As important as the music is to you, thinking back to weddings we have attended over the years. We remember very few of the specific songs that were played—even for iconic moments like first dances. The songs that will be remembered are far from cool! they’re the songs that were playing when we looked out from the DJ booth and saw the bride’s dad had happy tears streaming down his face, or when the newlyweds started shouting along, bouncing on the dance floor in each other’s arms, to some very cringeworthy song! Choosing the playlist for your wedding can be an incredibly personal expression of self—of history, meaning, aesthetic—but in the end it’s really just background music. It’s the wedding that infuses the soundtrack with meaning, not the other way around and that’s why you will want a professional Irish wedding DJ to provide the right music for the right moments!

Top 10 unusual entertainment ideas for your Irish wedding

Irish wedding entertainment!

You have already arranged the essential parts of your Irish wedding. However you want to make your special wedding day unique to you. Now your thinking of ways to keep your guests entertained. This part of your wedding planning can be quite tricky to get right. How do you bridge the gap between the wedding ceremony and reception?. What is the best way to make an entrance?. How can you keep the children entertained?. These are just a few of the questions you might ask.

It’s easy to think of crazy off the wall ideas. but how many of your guests will actually think they are that great? So you need ideas that have been proven to be a success! Fortunately, we have some great advice and suggestions on hand that will help you make the right choice in deciding what unusual wedding entertainment ideas are perfect for your Irish wedding. Please read on to find out how to make sure your big day goes off with a bang!

1. Close up Magicians

If we are honest, almost everybody finds close up magicians entertaining? Don’t they? Generally they are easy to organise and offer a wide variety of magic, including magic for children. Request that your magician to do the rounds mid-meal to entertain your wedding guests.

2. Flash mobs

Like marmite, Love it or hate it, flash mobs have become the talking point at more than one Irish wedding, when it comes to weddings, there’s no better way to make your guests’ jaws hit the floor in awe. From cabaret waiters dancing to a band of disney characters, the more outrageous the better.

3. Surprise first dance

You have seen the YouTube videos, where the bride and groom have surprised all their wedding guests by performing an absolutely amazing first dance! Now it’s your turn to find that perfect song and learn your secret dance routine with your partner to perform at your reception.

4. Caricatures

Allow your guests the opportunity of having personalised favours in the form of caricatures. Even better, the caricature of you and your husband can claim a prized place above your fireplace.

5. RSVP a floorfiller

Very simple to arrange, costs next to nothing, but this can be very effective, ask guests to jot down their must-have party song on their RSVP note, and hey presto, a ready-made playlist is yours. This will more than likely keep your wedding DJ on his toes… it will certainly be a challenge for the DJ to keep the music flowing smoothly. Your guests will more than likely, but unwittingly, choose a good mix of music between them to ensure that the dancefloor is never empty. However this music selection will be somewhat different to what you hear at your typical wedding, therefore making your wedding party unique to you.

6. Celebrity impersonators

If Ricky Gervais didn’t respond to your wedding invitation (must still be lost in the post) there is another way to have a star-studded wedding: hire a lookalike. There are lots of amazing lookalikes out there, you could hire some of the cast of Only fools and horses, Fawlty towers or Mr bean. Just imagine the amazing pictures you will have to treasure.

7. Singing waiters

Service with a smile takes on a whole meaning when you hire the singing waiters to liven up your dinner. For enhanced wow-factor, keep it a secret from your guests until they suddenly burst into song. there are no words that can explain how amazing this style of wedding entertainment is.

8. Vodka luge

Definitely one for the adults, an ice vodka luge will, ironicly, stop your night from going cold as ice. If you want to really go to town, stock up on flavoured spirits that reflect your theme or colour scheme.

9. Burger van

When you and your guests have been hitting the bar hard and the damage has already been done, there is nothing more appealing than the sight of a burger van for when you’re the other side of midnight, there are other options other than burgers! you could have a nice kebab!? or hotdogs! either way, this will make you a very popular bride.

10. Guest video booth

Forget your traditional guest books – the hottest trend at Irish weddings and across Dublin right now is an X Factor-esque video booth, this is where your guests can record video messages for you rather than write their messages. But be warned! Expect them to deteriorate as the night goes on.

How to plan the perfect corporate party event in Ireland


If you research online, there are literally hundreds of blogs and news articles online that tell you what an absolute nightmare organizing a corporate party in Ireland can be. However, we don’t feel this way.

If you break down the process of event and party planning down into achievable tasks, this will help you stay focused and achieve your goal of organizing an awesome party. Yes, it’s a very big job. Yes, there is a great deal to think about, but with the correct planning and our handy checklist, organizing a corporate party in Ireland can be very enjoyable and equally rewarding as well.

No matter what experience you have this checklist will give you the right framework needed and therefore will give you confidence to plan the perfect corporate party event.

One very important piece of advice.

Start as soon as possible

Planning a corporate party in Ireland will involve a great deal of waiting around. Awaiting responses and confirmations from those that will be involved in making your event a success. This will include venues, entertainment and DJ hire agencies, sound hire and theming companies just to start with. So you really need get started with the planning process as soon as possible.

Before you start planning, check for any feedback available from the last event. This will tell you what your colleagues will be expecting and help you to improve on their last corporate event.

Make a list. Lists are vital when planning a corporate party in Ireland. Not only will they help you break down the process of corporate event planning into achievable tasks. These lists will also help you to keep track of how much you have covered already and what other tasks still need to be completed.

Create an events team

If your company doesn’t already have an events team. It’s imperative that you form one otherwise you will have a nightmare planning the perfect corporate party event. Choose people with a various range of skills from across the company. Your team will help you with everything from allocating budgets to designing invites and even the dreaded clean up afterward the party is over. Many hands make light work and having a good events team will help you get things done a lot quicker with a lot less stress!

Set the right budget

Right at the top of your list should be setting the correct budget. Find out how much money you have to spend as early as possible, this is very very important. This will have the biggest impact on the type of corporate party you will be able to arrange, especially in Dublin.

If the funding available for the corporate event is negotiable, it may be worth reminding the finance department that there’s a tax allowance for staff entertainment of £150 plus VAT per annum.

Allocate the correct budget

When you decide how you will allocate the correct budget, be guided by what is most important to your company, the branding and the expectations of your bosses and colleagues.

Try and keep some funding reserved as it is not uncommon to stumble across unexpected costs during the planning of larger corporate events, one very good tip is once you have allocated the funding for each aspect of your event, try and negotiate with each vendor asking them to reduce the price down by 10% most vendors will more than likely be happy to win your business with a view to repeat bookings in the future. this will give you a buffer to play with, meaning you will not have to cut corners if unexpected costs suddenly come into play.

Set the date

Event venues in Dublin are booked up many months in advance, especially during corporate party season. So confirming a date is absolutely vital. Thursdays seem to be the most popular days for corporate events in Dublin, reason being, they don’t take up any personal time. Fridays are also very popular. But don’t rule out Mondays, Tuedays and Wednesdays as they tend to be cheaper and offer much more flexibility. When picking venues, ultimately it depends on the budget and your company culture.

A quick way

A quick way to set the date is to create a doodle poll with a few possible dates for everyone to choose from. Send an email with a link to the doodle poll, that way you will get a feel for the preferred date and get an indication of numbers. Make sure you include an RSVP by date on your emails so you’re not waiting for responses, making sure to follow up with a save the date email once you have finalized the date.

You really can’t have a corporate party without the CEO so make sure you confirm the date is OK for the CEO, board members and any other important people that you want to attend.

What kind of event is it?

When it comes to deciding what kind of party you are hosting, these are the main things to consider…

High or low impact?

Day, night or both?

Bespoke or package?

Meal, dance or both?

Shared or exclusive?


Ticketed or free?

Awards evening?

Finding the right venue in Ireland

Book appointments to see the events co-ordinators at your favourite Dublin venues.

The main things to look for in a Ireland venue are:

Capacity – is the venue the right size for your guest list?

Location — is it accessible, good for taxis and public transport?

Facilities — Will the PA system be suitable and 100% working?

Flexibility – will the venue tailor its packages to suit your needs?

The Wow Factor – Does the look of the venue impress?

If you are choosing a shared package deal, make sure to confirm with venue how many other group bookings they have and how big they are, if you need more than 1 table for your company request that they will be located next to each other.

Pick the right theme.

Themed corporate events don’t always mean fancy dress. The theme will set the tone of your event and should apply to the invitations, food, music and decorations. A classic theme will always be 1920s. But there are loads of ideas you could plump for such as James bond, Willy wonka and Quadrophenia. The only limit is your imagination. Once you’ve picked your theme. Make a list of everything you would associate with that chosen theme and try and apply it to your party.

A great way to maximise your budget when it comes to decorating your chosen space is to focus on the focal points on the venue such as the entrance, bar and table centers and go from there. Obviously if you have funds available then make sure you do it right!


Once you have chosen your venue, you will need to decide if you will use in-house catering (which will work out much cheaper) or hiring external caterers. If your venue has a good reputation for serving good food, we recommend you using them, it will be the simplest and most effect way to tackle catering.

When choosing food for your event make sure you think about:

Will it be a set menu or will the guests need to choose beforehand?

Special dietary requirements, do you know how many guests have this?

How do you want the food to be presented -will the nibbles be laid out or taken round by waiting staff? Is it a sit-down meal or buffet?

Make sure you have a tasting session where you can sample the entire menu, also confirm the exact size of the portions that will be served to your guests on the night! We hear through others that some corporate clients have bad experiences, where the foods been amazing but the size of the portions have been shockingly small!


Organizing drinks for your corporate event can be risky business, so the first thing you need to do is decide if your going to pre-order drinks or pay for what is consumed on the night. Pre-ordering gives you greater control over your budget, but you run the risk of not ordering enough for everyone. If you are providing an open bar, make sure the food menu is substantial and features plenty of carbs.

Drinks Distribution

These are the main ways to ensure drinks are evenly distributed at your corporate party.

Provide your guests with drinks vouchers beforehand

Allocate, so many bottles per table

Have the waiting staff serve all the drinks, topping up when required


When it comes to the entertainment, music is a given and you have a few options to choose from. Hire a DJ or live band, or ideally both!. When the average cost of a corporate event is around 25K, making sure you book a DJ should be standard practice even if you decide on having a live band. An experienced Corporate DJ will cost around 2% of your total budget, but a good DJ can provide so much more than just music for the dance floor, they will know exactly what music will be perfect for the drinks reception and during dinner. Also if you have awards to be given out an experienced corporate event DJ will have music cued up that is perfect for award music stings!.  Whatever you decide to do, make sure you liaise with the venue to make sure you have all the equipment required. Also confirm that the venue does not have a noise limiter installed as this could ruin your event. Especially if your guests are known for dancing!.

Music selection

It is very important that you send the DJ a suggested playlist for your party!. Doing this will ensure that the DJ knows what music you and your guests want to dance to. This will leave nothing to chance. Most corporate DJs in Dublin will have the experience and skill set to read any crowd. From the outset playing music pertinent to your companies branding.

Corporate Entertainment

Choose entertainment that will suit your party theme and venue. There are many options available to you from singing waiters and casino tables to indoor fairgrounds and photo booths. Although we feel a DJ should be booked as standard for all corporate event where people want to party!

Awards & Speeches

If you are having awards and speeches, make sure they are planned and timed in advance. It’s best to do these early in the evening so things don’t get too rowdy

You will need to organize:

The Speakers and their speeches. The exact time they will be delivering these and making sure they are not too long.

Microphones for the speakers, lectern microphones are your best bet to ensure everyone can hear them clearly.

Awards/Prizes – make sure there is also somewhere safe to leave them!. Confirm with the DJ or AV team the correct music stings for these awards.

A rehearsal is ideal where possible!

Remember to keep the length of speeches and awards presentations to a minimum. Staff won’t want the celebrations disrupted for too long!

Something Extra

Is there anything extra you can add to make the party a little bit more special?. Simple things you could add to the event are…

A free cloakroom

Complimentary drinks on arrival (queuing for the cloakroom is far more fun with a beer or a cocktail)

If this is a big event with a large number of guests. Ensure someone is on hand to welcome them when they arrive and also when they leave at the end of the night. You could organize staggered arrival times so you don’t have too many people queuing up or waiting in the cold.


While in this wonderful digital age we all have access high quality camera on our mobile phones to share on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Google plus etc. But having a professional photographer at the event will guarantee there are high quality pictures to document the night that will represent your company well.


If you need security at your corporate party book friendly staff that will make your guests feel welcome. Many venues will insist that you have fully qualified security personnel at your event. Especially if you have in excess of 100 guests attending, normally the ratio is 1 security personnel per 100 guests.


Decide if you need to organize transport for your guests to and from the event. If you are organizing coaches or taxis. Make sure they are booked for suitable times so your guests aren’t forced to leave early or left waiting around.

I know we live in the age of Über, but it’s still very important to be mindful of everyone’s journey home. Especially in Ireland. It’s a wise idea to collect taxi numbers and information on last tubes, trains & buses to pass around to everyone before the party. This will allow everyone plenty of time to make plans.

Make an Itinerary

Making an itinerary will keep things running smoothly on the night. A full breakdown of the event. Contact names and information for everyone involved should be included. Build in time for late arrivals and plan plenty of time for food to be served. Also be very aware of this, if you are having certain types of food on the menu, make sure you do not run behind time!. This is critical to the quality of certain food items. ie, the chef can only cook them for so long or keep them heated before they become tough to eat!. It would be a shame if this happened!. Just 20 minutes or so can be the difference between success and failure, not a good start to your event!. This often gets overlooked and results in complaints that are beyond the control of the caterer or venue.

Don’t forget to send a copy of the itinerary to everyone involved in running the event, this will include the suppliers, the venue managers and entertainers.


Idea’s  for organizing your invitations:

When choosing the arrival time ensure your guests have plenty of time to leave work and get ready for the party

Have the invites designed to fit your theme

Decide if you want the invites emailed or printed

Ask your team members or reps to help deliver invitations

Ensure the RSVP date give you plenty of time to confirm the final menu with the caterers/venue

Be prepared to chase people for RSVPs as people are very forgetful

Are you organizing a ticketed corporate party, if so, ensure you allow plenty of time to market and sell these tickets to your fellow staff.

Seating Plans

Now you know the exact number of guests it’s a good time to work out the seating plan if you’re having a sit down meal. This might take some time to get right, but it will be worth the effort. You could organize tables by departments or mix your colleagues up to encourage mingling. Ensure the table plan is easy to spot and have place cards printed for each table.

When the day arrives don’t forget the following

Get there early, well before time, this will give you time to compose yourself and focus on what you will be doing.

Meet the event planner and confirm that everything is as you expect it to be

Triple check the venue

Introduce yourself to all the suppliers/entertainers before the party starts so they know who they need to speak to if they have any questions or concerns.

Managing your corporate event

Keep your itinerary with you and remember after all that pre-planning things should run smooth, allowing you to enjoy the event. So make sure you enjoy the party too! You can most certainly let your hair down after the main part of the event is over. As your DJ takes to the stage to create a corporate party to remember for all  the right reasons.

Request Feedback

Ensure you ask for feedback after the party to find out what guests enjoyed the most and if anything could actually be improved on for the next event.

MINT DJs work ethic is work hard and party harder. If you would like us to ensure that your corporate event is a party to remember, then contact us below today!

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Dublin wedding DJ Chosen for Simon & Lucy – Woodlands Park Hotel

Dublin wedding DJ for Lucy & Simon

We at MINT DJ were contacted by the Dublin based event professionals at Dublin Event Services as Steven knows Jeremy to be a true professional and we work together with one aim in delivering a great service to our clients. The celebration was for Simon and Lucy and was to take place at the amazing Woodlands Park Hotel in Dublin. As requested, Dublin wedding DJ Jeremy was assigned by MINT DJ to provide his wedding DJ services for this Dublin wedding.

UK best wedding DJ sussex london

This was an intimate wedding so the bride and groom, Lucy and Simon simply required a great wedding DJ service. We worked with what was some eclectic requests to play them at the right time throughout the night ensuring all guests were happy as well as Simon and Lucy.

The music requests

Please see there play list attached:

R.E.M, Beat a drum, First dance song. Muse, Muscle Museum. The Killers, For reasons unknown. The Killers, When you were young. Mumford and Sons, The Wolf. Florence and the machine, Shake it Out. Ben Howard, Keep your head up. Garbage, Any songs. Lamb, What is that sound. Bastille, Pompeii. Orbital, Any. Lykki Li, Follow You. Rihanna, We found love. Annie Lennox, Little Bird. Alicia Keys, Try sleeping with a broken heart. Nelly Furtado, Promiscuous. Nelly Furtado, Say it right. kylie, Stars. kylie, In your Eyes. kylie, Fragile. kylie, Fever. kylie, Love at first sight. Black Eyed Peas, Tonight. ministry of sound, Ill bring you flowers. Delerium, In this silence. Black, Wonderful Life. New Order, Temptation. Lady Gaga, Marry the night. Queen Any. Eurythmics, There must be an angel. Eurythmics, Sweet Dreams. Sterophonics, Dakota. Tears For Fears, Shout. Michael Jackson, Any. Kings of Leon, Sex on Fire. Ellie Goulding, Only You.

And the list goes on & on

Crowded House, Weather with you. Tiffany, Think we’re alone now. INXS, Need you tonight. Peter Gabriel, Any. Monster Boy, Sorry. Bruno Mars, Think I wanna marry you. Deadmaus, Raise your weapon. Deadmaus, Any others. Phil Collins, Any. Genesis, Any. Stevie Wonder, Any. Lumidee, Never Leave You. The Streets, Blinded by the lights.

And on!!!

Lily Allen, Everything’s Just Wonderful. MIA, Bucky Dun Gun. The Ting Tings, Shut Up & Let me go. The Ting Tings, We Walk. The Strokes, Meet me me in the bathroom. Outkast, Hey Ya. The Source/Candi Staton, You got the love. Any similar for dancing like Rihanna later in evening. Not to be played (including anything similar) Pulp. Oasis. Blur. kanye west. 50 cent. house of pain. abba. Any auto-tune R&B. Bohemian rhapsody.

After another successful wedding DJ job completed it was time for DJ Jeremy to derig all the sound and lighting equipment, load up the van and head back home to the Wicklow seaside!.

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Dublin wedding DJ entertainment for Mark & Terry – Cisswood House, Ireland

Dublin wedding DJ

Dublin wedding DJ Jeremy from MINT DJ was contacted by Phillip from Dublin wedding event services. They provide wedding DJs for weddings and corporate events in Dublin, Ireland. Phillip hired them to provide a wedding DJ for the wedding of Mark and Terry at the lovely Cisswood House in Dublin.

Dublin wedding DJ Dan

Dublin wedding DJ Dan from MINT DJ was available. As the wedding DJ job he was covering fell through due to the event management pulling out as the brides father was messing them around with payment ect.

Ireland wedding DJ Dan was chosen by MINT DJ to DJ this wedding. This was an intimate wedding therefore this bride and groom only required the evening only wedding DJ service. They didn’t want anything too elaborate. There was no mood lighting/uplighting or starlight dance floor at this Irish wedding. However there was the ever popular photo booth.

The wedding party

This was a very small wedding celebration with probably no more than 40 guests. Many of your typical DJs that play cheesy music all night would have failed to keep the vibe going all night!. This is because these situations require a very special skill set. Having an extensive knowledge of music, great people skills and knowing how to keep music fresh and guests interested. So therefore DJ Dan was the perfect wedding DJ for the job. Dan is definitely one of the Irelands best wedding DJs.

The bride and groom supplied us with an interesting music playlist. This would have killed the night in a bad way!. Fortunately our wedding DJ knew that this could be a major obstacle, so he spoke to the bride to find out how flexible this list was. She was OK with the wedding DJ using his judgement to play the right music. We have lost count of the number of times wedding DJs are given playlist where nearly every song is a MUST PLAY!!!.

The show must go on!

This Dublin wedding DJ somehow managed to keep everyone in the room until the last song of the night. Which happened to be a request from one of the bridemaids “Whitney houston – I have nothing”. This seemed very apt as many of the guests had left, leaving the DJ with nothing in the way of guests, lol. To be fair not even Irelands best wedding DJs could keep a very small wedding party going as long.

After another successful wedding DJ job was completed. It was time for DJ Dan to derig all the sound and lighting equipment, load up the van and head back home!.

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Wedding DJ services provided at South Lodge Hotel, Ireland

The initial contact

MINT DJ were contacted on the 25th November 2016 to provide their wedding DJ Ireland service, yes that’s last year!!! Doesn’t it seem so distant now!.

Pete Williams entertainment services asked us to provide an Irish wedding DJ for an upcoming wedding. (Pwes provide wedding entertainment in Dublin, Galway, Kerry & across Ireland). We provided our Irish wedding DJ for the wedding of Clara and Lian. this was at the South Lodge Hotel, Dublin, Ireland on the 10th December 2016.

The bride and groom only required our evening only wedding DJ Ireland service for this winter wedding. No dance floor hire was required as the venue already have a very nice black and white dance floor available to hire.

The Irish wedding DJ

Pete Williams has known about DJ Jeremy from MINT DJ for a long time. Many times he has tried to book his DJ services for quite a number of different events before. Unfortunately DJ Jeremy has always been unavailable, which was getting a little frustrating for both of them!. But when Pete contacted Jeremy at 20.18 hours on the 25th November 2016, amazingly he still had availability. This was a prime date in December. Therefore after going through the details it was confirmed immediately using Pete’s very quick and efficient online booking system.

The music choices

The details regarding the music for this wedding were added to the planner over the next few days by the bride. After the cut off period had been reached, we went through the song requests ensuring we had the right music. Therefore allowing us to give their wedding the personal touch. We wanted to give this bride and groom a night to remember for all the right reasons.

It was so nice for Jeremy to also finally meet the main man himself, Pete Williams. He was DJ ing for a corporate event on the ground floor of this fine venue. So he came and said Hello after the DJ was setup and very kindly offered to get the DJ a drink. So he delivered to him a pint of Coke as requested, for a man of his experience he is a very humble man!. The DJ was very impressed!

The wedding party proved interesting, totally against the norm!. Classic cheesey wedding music was definitely not a contender for keeping the dance floor full!. R&b and hiphop actually seemed to go down the best! fair enough if it were a young crowd but the guests were very mixed in ages, when the DJ was playing the r&b hiphop a guest came over and said he had been a DJ before, yes all professional DJs know this story only too well!!!! lol.

The surprise

Anyway it was slightly obscure request, technically it did fall into the r&b hiphop genre. However it was a very down vibe groove! The DJ played it and to his surprise, many guests headed towards the dance floor including granny and a few older guests also. Getting down to Eric bennet – Georgy porgy!!!  and some Donnel Jones – You Know whats up! …

Towards the end of the wedding party, the DJ played some of the classics that went down towards the end, aka “The Killers – Mr brightside”  and Take that – Never forget”

Pete was very happy that we had represented his fine company in a professional manner while creating a great wedding party for the bride and groom.

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Irish wedding DJ for the Last wedding of 2016 – Wakehurst Place, Ireland

Irish wedding DJ for last wedding of the year

This was the last wedding of the year for this Irish wedding DJ and the venue for this was the stunning Wakehurst place is the perfect wedding venue with beautiful botanic gardens located in the heart of Dublin. Set in 465 acres of country estate, Wakehurst boasts ornamental gardens, temperate woodlands, a nature reserve, and an Elizabethan mansion. This makes it the perfect place to exchange your wedding vows.

This is exactly what Veronica and David did just a few days before the end of 2016. A year many people would love to forget! (what celebrity will die next people keep asking?). However for this bride and groom it would be one to remember for a lifetime to come! 

The Dublin wedding venue

Wakehurst place is a truely beautiful wedding venue, we really enjoyed providing our Sussex wedding DJ at this stunning venue. Also meeting Linda the very helpful wedding event manager and her lovely staff. Thank you, we look forward to seeing you again soon!

The Irish wedding DJ

As requested when booking us to provide our wedding DJ Ireland service. They didn’t want strobe lighting or lighting that would be over powering, therefore we provided minimal lighting for this event. You will see from some of the pictures that we kept the lighting subtle. MINT DJ can provide any style or amount of lighting required. However on this occasion our Irish wedding DJ was under strict instructions to keep the lighting low key and let the music do the talking!

The Bride and groom chose the not so popular song by “Rod Stewart – You’re in my heart” as their first dance song. They also provided the DJ with a small list of song requests that they wanted played. Thats exactly what the DJ did.

A few pictures from the wedding DJs perspective from the wedding party, happy bride, happy groom, happy people!

So if you are getting married we can provide our wedding DJ Ireland service for your special event in Dublin, Galway, Kerry or anywhere in Ireland.

Corporate event DJ for HP computers annual party – Ireland

The corporate event client

Our Dublin corporate event DJ was hired for the very well known IT company Hewlet packard overwise known as HP. So this event was pretty much a party for computer geeks. Therefore, lots of IT talk and digital problem solving type games!. There were mainly male delegates so our DJ was not expecting much dancing and a hard night ahead!

The chosen Dublin hotel venue

The corporate event was held at The Berkeley Hotel, in fashionable Knightsbridge. This is one of the leading 5-star hotels in Ireland: luxurious and welcoming. The Berkeley has provided exceptional service for over 100 years. Always at the cutting edge, its cool, chic charm makes it one of Irelands best luxury hotels. This makes it one of the finest corporate events venue in the City of Dublin.

Inside this Dublin hotel there is a wide variety of rooms available for everything from smaller corporate meetings in the Wilton room, perfect for just 20 delegates or the main ballroom that is perfect for conferences and awards dinners with up to 450 delegates in attendance. The Berkeley provides the perfect size function suite for every type of corporate event.

The corporate DJ arrives on site

The Dublin corporate event DJ booked for this event through MINT DJ arrived around 16.00 hours, a little earlier that originally scheduled, DJ Jeremy was aware that traffic in London was very bad, so made the professional decision to leave much earlier to ensure he would arrive in good time, nice and calm, stress free! Also the christmas december madness was fast approaching so he wasnt taking any chances!!!  The guests for this event were due to arrive at 18.45 hours for the drinks reception. The Dublin corporate event DJ was set up and ready to go.

Dublin corporate event DJ creates the right vibe

The DJ was asked to play cool and uplifting music, nothing cheesy. So that’s exactly what he did! Playing lighter groovy soulful house for the drinks reception and during the dinner, but also after dinner the delegates wanted to talk geek talk and to play various number crunching games. So the music needed to have the right vibe, but not loud, so that these corporate delegates could still chat with each other.

The corporate event went very well and later on as the evening progressed and more and more glasses of wine and shots consumed, the DJ lifted the volume and tempo of the music. and quite a number of the delegates started dancing and cutting shapes on the dance floor!

Ireland corporate event DJ creates a party that has Affiliate Window begging for more

Mighty Fine Entertainments hired out their experiential Ireland corporate event DJ for this big party event being held at East Wintergardens at Dublins Grand Wharf, this is known to be Grand Wharfs Premier Event Venue.

Nestled amongst the iconic towers of Canary Wharf the East Wintergardens is the perfect venue for corporate events right in the heart of Dublins most celebrated estate, also, this was the ideal venue for this corporate client as it was within walking distance from their offices. So most of the Attendees were able to come strait from the office to the party.

The client for this corporate dinner dance and party was Affiliate Window, this company provide Affiliate marketing, and just happen to be the number one affiliate network in the Dublin, with offices in London, USA, Canada, Ireland and mainland Europe they provide global performance marketing second to none, and their performance on the dance floor impressed the London corporate event DJ hired to rock this party!.

A few words from the London corporate event DJ and events organisers who booked Mighty Fine Entertainments DJ services.

Corporate event DJ London client reviewLondon corporate event DJ was asked to play all these songs

The marketing team music requests

Ayo Technology, 50 Cent.
Breathe, Blu Cantrell.
End Of The Road, Boyz II Men.
Drinking From The Bottle, Calvin Harris.
Holding On, Disclosure.
Pumped Up Kicks, Foster The People.
Million Pound Girl, Fuse ODG.
Careless Whisper, George Michael.
What Is Love, Haddaway.
Out Of Touch, Hall & Oates.
Don’t You Want Me, Human League.
In This City, Iglu & Hartly.
I Want You Back, Jackson 5.
Where the Party At? Jagged Edge.
House Work Jax Jones.
Right Here Jess Glynne.
Are You Gonna Be My Girl Jet.
Classic Man Jidenna.
Pump It Up Joe Budden.
Move Your Feet Junior Senior.
All Day Kanye West.
Famous Kanye West.
Millionaire Kelis.
Don’t Mind Kent Jones.
Day ‘n’ Nite Kid Cudi vs. Crookers.
Nobody Has To Know Kranium.
Fester Lethal Bizzle.
Lifted Lighthouse Family.
All Night Long Lionel Richie.
Stand Up Ludacris
Holiday Madonna
All I Want For Xmas Is You Mariah Carey
Return Of The Mack Mark Morrison
P. Y. T. Michael Jackson
Adorn Miguel
This Is How We Do It Montell Jordan
Hot In Herre Nelly
Wifey Next
Wonderwall Oasis
Last All Night Oliver Heldens
Cheerleader OMI
Live Is Life Opus
1999 Prince
Ignition Remix R Kelly
Gabrielle Roy Davis Jr.
Temperature Sean Paul
I Wanna Feel Secondcity
Sweet Like Chocolate Shanks & Bigfoot
Thong Song Sisqo

The Management music requests

Rhythm Is A Dancer Snap!
21 Seconds So Solid Crew
Gold Spandau Ballet
Superstition Stevie Wonder
Look Right Through Storm Queen
Flowers Sweet Female Attitude
Don’t Let Me Down Chainsmokers
Rapper’s Delight Sugarhill Gang
Y.M.C.A. Village People
Starboy Weekend
Never Gonna Let You Go Tina Moore
Not Letting Go Tinie Tempah
No Scrubs TLC
Shut Up & Dance Walk The Moon
I Wanna Dance With Somebody Whitney Houston
ojuelegba remix wizkid
Lush Life (Radio Edit) Zara Larsson
Baby Cakes 3 Of A Kind
Forever Young Alphaville
I’m In Control AlunaGeorge
Side to Side Ariana Grande
Re-Rewind Artful Dodger
Poison Bell Biv Devoe
Formation Beyonce
All Rise Blue
Livin’ On A Prayer Bon Jovi
Jack Breach
24k magic Bruno Mars
How Deep Is Your Love Calvin Harris & Disciples
Candy Cameo
Young Heart Run Free Candi Staton
Hotel (feat. R. Kelly) Cassidy
End Credits Chase & Status
Dirrty Christina Aguilera
Rockabye Clean Bandit
Gangsta’s Paradise Coolio
Get Lucky Daft Punk
Say My Name Destiny’s Child
Holding On Disclosure
All I Do is Win DJ Khaled
Take Me Away DJ S.K.T
Hotline Bling Drake
One Dance Drake
Rio Duran Duran
September Earth Wind & Fire
679 Fetty Wap
Everywhere Fleetwood Mac
Danza Kuduro Lucenzo
Valerie Amy Winehouse
Stressed Out Twenty One Pilots
Desire Years & Years

Corporate event DJ Ireland – The Borough of Tower Hamlets

Ireland corporate event DJ

Ireland corporate event DJ Jeremy was hired for this event by Mark from Mighty Fine Entertainment. Definitely one of the finest DJ and Entertainament companies in Dublin.

This event was for the Ireland Borough of Tower Hamlets Speakers winter ball. This is a charity event to raise funds and also raise awareness regarding many issues.

This Winter Charity Ball was a stunning event. It was held at The East Wintergarden in Grand Wharf,  Docklands, Dublin. The attendees included Mayors from quite a number of Irelnds Boroughs, Councillors, MP’s and corporate organisations. The managing director of the Canary Wharf Group, Howard Dawbar was also in attendance. He really helped to make this corporate event a huge success! It was also noted that Howard was seen cutting shapes on the dance floor later on that evening. Nice to know he supported this Ireland corporate event DJ as well, that made the DJ’s night!

Time to get serious

The brief given to this Ireland corporate event DJ was, this was a serious corporate event. This event was about fund raising and raising awareness rather than a full on party. Seated behind his DJ booth for a good few hours the DJ listened intently to the proceedings and the many speakers that made presentations. There was the raffle that raised funds that will be injected into various projects within the Ireland Borough of Tower Hamlets.

Learning something new

We learned quite a few interesting things about the Ireland Borough of Tower Hamlets. Like Batternberg cake was first created by a baker and confectioner in the Borough of Tower Hamlets. Also did you know the iconic Liberty Bell in the USA. The symbol of American independence was commissioned from the Dublin firm of Lester and Pack. (today the Whitechapel Bell Foundry) who are also within the Ireland Borough of Tower Hamlets.

Time to get the party started

Anyway getting back this event, as was said previously this was not meant to be a big party as such. To be fair it wasn’t! Many of the guests went home after the main formalities, however a number of guests stayed on and danced till the very end! Everybody that stayed had lots of fun requesting songs and cutting shapes on the dance floor entertaining this Ireland corporate event DJ while he entertained the guests.