Irish wedding entertainment!

You have already arranged the essential parts of your Irish wedding. However you want to make your special wedding day unique to you. Now your thinking of ways to keep your guests entertained. This part of your wedding planning can be quite tricky to get right. How do you bridge the gap between the wedding ceremony and reception?. What is the best way to make an entrance?. How can you keep the children entertained?. These are just a few of the questions you might ask.

It’s easy to think of crazy off the wall ideas. but how many of your guests will actually think they are that great? So you need ideas that have been proven to be a success! Fortunately, we have some great advice and suggestions on hand that will help you make the right choice in deciding what unusual wedding entertainment ideas are perfect for your Irish wedding. Please read on to find out how to make sure your big day goes off with a bang!

1. Close up Magicians

If we are honest, almost everybody finds close up magicians entertaining? Don’t they? Generally they are easy to organise and offer a wide variety of magic, including magic for children. Request that your magician to do the rounds mid-meal to entertain your wedding guests.

2. Flash mobs

Like marmite, Love it or hate it, flash mobs have become the talking point at more than one Irish wedding, when it comes to weddings, there’s no better way to make your guests’ jaws hit the floor in awe. From cabaret waiters dancing to a band of disney characters, the more outrageous the better.

3. Surprise first dance

You have seen the YouTube videos, where the bride and groom have surprised all their wedding guests by performing an absolutely amazing first dance! Now it’s your turn to find that perfect song and learn your secret dance routine with your partner to perform at your reception.

4. Caricatures

Allow your guests the opportunity of having personalised favours in the form of caricatures. Even better, the caricature of you and your husband can claim a prized place above your fireplace.

5. RSVP a floorfiller

Very simple to arrange, costs next to nothing, but this can be very effective, ask guests to jot down their must-have party song on their RSVP note, and hey presto, a ready-made playlist is yours. This will more than likely keep your wedding DJ on his toes… it will certainly be a challenge for the DJ to keep the music flowing smoothly. Your guests will more than likely, but unwittingly, choose a good mix of music between them to ensure that the dancefloor is never empty. However this music selection will be somewhat different to what you hear at your typical wedding, therefore making your wedding party unique to you.

6. Celebrity impersonators

If Ricky Gervais didn’t respond to your wedding invitation (must still be lost in the post) there is another way to have a star-studded wedding: hire a lookalike. There are lots of amazing lookalikes out there, you could hire some of the cast of Only fools and horses, Fawlty towers or Mr bean. Just imagine the amazing pictures you will have to treasure.

7. Singing waiters

Service with a smile takes on a whole meaning when you hire the singing waiters to liven up your dinner. For enhanced wow-factor, keep it a secret from your guests until they suddenly burst into song. there are no words that can explain how amazing this style of wedding entertainment is.

8. Vodka luge

Definitely one for the adults, an ice vodka luge will, ironicly, stop your night from going cold as ice. If you want to really go to town, stock up on flavoured spirits that reflect your theme or colour scheme.

9. Burger van

When you and your guests have been hitting the bar hard and the damage has already been done, there is nothing more appealing than the sight of a burger van for when you’re the other side of midnight, there are other options other than burgers! you could have a nice kebab!? or hotdogs! either way, this will make you a very popular bride.

10. Guest video booth

Forget your traditional guest books – the hottest trend at Irish weddings and across Dublin right now is an X Factor-esque video booth, this is where your guests can record video messages for you rather than write their messages. But be warned! Expect them to deteriorate as the night goes on.