Dublin wedding DJ

Dublin wedding DJ Jeremy from MINT DJ was contacted by Phillip from Dublin wedding event services. They provide wedding DJs for weddings and corporate events in Dublin, Ireland. Phillip hired them to provide a wedding DJ for the wedding of Mark and Terry at the lovely Cisswood House in Dublin.

Dublin wedding DJ Dan

Dublin wedding DJ Dan from MINT DJ was available. As the wedding DJ job he was covering fell through due to the event management pulling out as the brides father was messing them around with payment ect.

Ireland wedding DJ Dan was chosen by MINT DJ to DJ this wedding. This was an intimate wedding therefore this bride and groom only required the evening only wedding DJ service. They didn’t want anything too elaborate. There was no mood lighting/uplighting or starlight dance floor at this Irish wedding. However there was the ever popular photo booth.

The wedding party

This was a very small wedding celebration with probably no more than 40 guests. Many of your typical DJs that play cheesy music all night would have failed to keep the vibe going all night!. This is because these situations require a very special skill set. Having an extensive knowledge of music, great people skills and knowing how to keep music fresh and guests interested. So therefore DJ Dan was the perfect wedding DJ for the job. Dan is definitely one of the Irelands best wedding DJs.

The bride and groom supplied us with an interesting music playlist. This would have killed the night in a bad way!. Fortunately our wedding DJ knew that this could be a major obstacle, so he spoke to the bride to find out how flexible this list was. She was OK with the wedding DJ using his judgement to play the right music. We have lost count of the number of times wedding DJs are given playlist where nearly every song is a MUST PLAY!!!.

The show must go on!

This Dublin wedding DJ somehow managed to keep everyone in the room until the last song of the night. Which happened to be a request from one of the bridemaids “Whitney houston – I have nothing”. This seemed very apt as many of the guests had left, leaving the DJ with nothing in the way of guests, lol. To be fair not even Irelands best wedding DJs could keep a very small wedding party going as long.

After another successful wedding DJ job was completed. It was time for DJ Dan to derig all the sound and lighting equipment, load up the van and head back home!.

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