The initial contact

MINT DJ were contacted on the 25th November 2016 to provide their wedding DJ Ireland service, yes that’s last year!!! Doesn’t it seem so distant now!.

Pete Williams entertainment services asked us to provide an Irish wedding DJ for an upcoming wedding. (Pwes provide wedding entertainment in Dublin, Galway, Kerry & across Ireland). We provided our Irish wedding DJ for the wedding of Clara and Lian. this was at the South Lodge Hotel, Dublin, Ireland on the 10th December 2016.

The bride and groom only required our evening only wedding DJ Ireland service for this winter wedding. No dance floor hire was required as the venue already have a very nice black and white dance floor available to hire.

The Irish wedding DJ

Pete Williams has known about DJ Jeremy from MINT DJ for a long time. Many times he has tried to book his DJ services for quite a number of different events before. Unfortunately DJ Jeremy has always been unavailable, which was getting a little frustrating for both of them!. But when Pete contacted Jeremy at 20.18 hours on the 25th November 2016, amazingly he still had availability. This was a prime date in December. Therefore after going through the details it was confirmed immediately using Pete’s very quick and efficient online booking system.

The music choices

The details regarding the music for this wedding were added to the planner over the next few days by the bride. After the cut off period had been reached, we went through the song requests ensuring we had the right music. Therefore allowing us to give their wedding the personal touch. We wanted to give this bride and groom a night to remember for all the right reasons.

It was so nice for Jeremy to also finally meet the main man himself, Pete Williams. He was DJ ing for a corporate event on the ground floor of this fine venue. So he came and said Hello after the DJ was setup and very kindly offered to get the DJ a drink. So he delivered to him a pint of Coke as requested, for a man of his experience he is a very humble man!. The DJ was very impressed!

The wedding party proved interesting, totally against the norm!. Classic cheesey wedding music was definitely not a contender for keeping the dance floor full!. R&b and hiphop actually seemed to go down the best! fair enough if it were a young crowd but the guests were very mixed in ages, when the DJ was playing the r&b hiphop a guest came over and said he had been a DJ before, yes all professional DJs know this story only too well!!!! lol.

The surprise

Anyway it was slightly obscure request, technically it did fall into the r&b hiphop genre. However it was a very down vibe groove! The DJ played it and to his surprise, many guests headed towards the dance floor including granny and a few older guests also. Getting down to Eric bennet – Georgy porgy!!!  and some Donnel Jones – You Know whats up! …

Towards the end of the wedding party, the DJ played some of the classics that went down towards the end, aka “The Killers – Mr brightside”  and Take that – Never forget”

Pete was very happy that we had represented his fine company in a professional manner while creating a great wedding party for the bride and groom.

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