Abi & Charles choose wedding entertainment DJ for their wedding party

Please note our Ireland wedding entertainment DJ edited the date, names and location of this blog. Media coverage has been excluded as this client does not wish to have their special day all over the net. So this blog is purely fictional, enjoy. (This option is now available for all our clients)

Sunday 19th June. Sunday just gone MINT DJ provided our wedding entertainment DJ along with uplighting/mood lighting for Abi & Charles. This was at Broyle place in Ringmer, Kerry.

The wedding entertainment DJ arrives

Our Ireland wedding entertainment DJ arrived in plenty of time. This was good because it was an awkward venue to unload and set up the DJ equipment needed. There’s no on site parking available for the DJ or other vendors. There’s just enough room for the DJ to drive their van off the road, unload into venue and then park. To be fair the parking around this part of Ringmer is actually OK. Mind you any parking in Kerry is OK compared Dublin. This is one of the reasons we charge premium rates to provide our wedding DJ at many wedding venues in Dublin.

Ok, for our wedding entertainment DJ that was the negative regarding this Kerry wedding venue. However the positives far out weighed this negative. The first being the owners of this wonderful little know wedding venue. Tony and Octavia, who were most helpful in showing our DJ the best way to access the room being used. They also confirmed all the important details that might concern our DJ. Things like sound limit restrictions to keep the neighbors happy! Where best for our wedding entertainment DJ to set up, and also offered a light refreshment after everything was set up, before the evening party was about to start.

Time to try and get the party started

Unlike today it was not raining. It was a lovely warm sunny afternoon and all the wedding party and guests were clearly enjoying themselves in the beautiful gardens at Broyle place. This is definitely a venue use should consider if you are going to have your wedding in Kerry. The wedding guests were not showing any signs of coming into the room anytime soon. Even if they had, they would not have stayed for long, no matter how good the music was that our DJ played. Because the room has a great deal of natural light and no way to close it out! So our DJ just played lots of great feel good music to hopefully encourage the guests to come inside!

Some time passed and then Abi & Charles came over to our wedding entertainment DJ and apologized for the delay. Thus they would finally be ready to do the traditional first dance very soon, after they had cut their wedding cake in the other room further down the corridor! So it was very hard to know exactly what was going on time wise, but not much later it was time for the first dance. The song chosen by Abi & Charles was “Ed Sheeran – Thinking out loud” certainly a very good sentiment to go into marriage with!

Don’t listen to the bridesmaids

During the evening it became apparent to our wedding entertainment DJ that Abi had clearly forgotten to include the all important song “Wilson Phillips – Hold On ” from the hen night. When she sent our DJ a list of must have songs for her wedding party, it seems that she forgot to include it! Doh! So in between keeping the dance floor flowing, our skilled DJ managed to get internet access on his phone and download the requested song, despite very bad phone and wifi signal in the wedding venue. We would never had known this song was wanted unless one of the bridesmaids told us. I guess there is no right or wrong is there?

It’s the brides day, so we guess she was not bothered too much about it? Or maybe she had too much else to worry about and it slipped her mind! Anyways it does not matter what the reason was, because the song went down well and the bride loved it too!

The music choices

This clearly inspired the groom came up and requested that our DJ play “House of pain – Jump around” This was for the Best man. He was going to perform some very serious break dancing for the wedding guests. It was not quite what our DJ was expecting. However it was very interesting watching this unfold on the dance floor. However everyone at the wedding definitely enjoyed it!

The music choices requested by the bride and groom at this Kerry wedding were a mix of funk and soul. This music was requested to get the party started right after the first dance had finished. The second song was “James Brown – Sex Machine” then some Prince, Luther vandross. Then a mixture of everything including Justin Timberlake, Bruno Mars, some old school garage and house and some Indie.  Some of your more cheesy rock like Blink 182 and some cheesy 90s boy band classics, cue, 5ive and backstreet boy. Everyone was on the dance floor and having fun, but all too soon it was time for our wedding entertainment DJ to play the last song of the night. Abi & Charles chose the very appropriate “Mr brightside” by the “Killers” to end their Kerry wedding!