Harry & Sophia choose DJ wedding entertainment to help them celebrate

Please note our Ireland DJ wedding entertainment has changed the names on this blog. Also any media coverage has been excluded as this client doesn’t want to have their special day all over the net. So this blog is purely fictional, enjoy. (This option is now available for all our clients).

MINT DJ supplied DJ wedding entertainment DJ Jeremy, one of very few wedding DJs that MINT DJ will use.

On the morning of 12th June 2016, the wedding day of Harry and Sophia  it was a beautiful sunny day in Ireland. At MINT DJ we always prepare well in advance, but we also double check everything is as it should be well before we leave to provide our wedding DJ services for our bride & grooms, as every professional wedding DJ in Ireland should.

Many so called wedding DJs are part time because they receive their main income from their full time job. Therefore obviously not their priority. This is something you should seriously consider when booking your wedding DJ in Ireland. This is one of the reasons why there is a huge difference in the price you are quoted when searching for your ideal wedding DJ. The cheaper wedding DJs in Ireland will always have a main job which will be their priority. Therefore they will not be able to dedicate as much time on your special wedding day! You really want to trust your once in a lifetime event with DJs not dedicated to your special day.

Song ideas from client

Anyway’s getting back to the wedding of Harry and Sophia. We checked our emails online, also made sure there had been no last minute songs added to the planner. Thus there was .. including some info about what songs the bride & groom did not want! One that made us laugh out was a request from the wedding couple expressing they don’t want the Pokemon theme tune played at all! Even though one of their guests had previously requested it. They asked us to make sure we don’t play it even if they come screaming for it to be played after they have had one too many drinks! lol

Also one particular song was added last minute. So we downloaded this new requested song for the wedding. The time now was around 10am and since Harry and Sophia only required our evening only DJ disco service with uplighting/mood lighting that we were providing. We were free to enjoy our Sunday morning and early afternoon with our family. This is something that should be remembered we are giving up precious family time to come and DJ at your wedding!

Planning the logistics

.Sunday was nearly over. It was approaching 5pm and it was time to leave to travel just over 1 hours journey from Dublin to the wedding of Harry and Sophia at the stunning Grittenham barns in Wicklow.  We always use a simple formula when calculating the travel time needed to make sure we arrive stress free. Our Dublin wedding DJ adds 50% extra on top. Thus doing this we’re proud to say that we have never been late once in our history! That is certainly something we know not to be the case with cheaper DJs so in this instance MINT DJ were due to arrive at 6.30pm to be set up for 7.30pm … one hour is normally the right amount of time it takes for us to unload our DJ equipment and set it all up!

As MINT DJ was setting up, we were asked what time we would be ready? A loaded question with a strong hint of can you hurry up! lol .. the answer being NO! Because if you are going to do a certain job in a professional manner then it will take the time that we advise our clients is required at the outset, if you tried asking your builder to complete a job that takes 4 days to be completed in just 3 days you can only imagine the result, disaster! The same would be true for a wedding DJ setting up for your evening reception and party! That is one of the reasons why MINT DJ try to encourage our clients to upgrade to our all day wedding DJ package, or take the early setup option!

The wedding photographer

It was lovely to meet a very talented Wicklow based wedding photographer called Hayley Rose. She will be supplying us with some lovely images for this wedding blog later on.  You can find her by typing Hayley Rose wedding photography Wicklow into google!

Harry and Sophia had a Photo booth at their wedding. Not sure which company was providing it, but it went down a storm and everybody loved it! The whole evening was amazing with every single wedding guest clearly enjoying themselves!

Our expert DJ wedding entertainment DJ opened up the evening inviting Harry and Sophia on to the dance floor. They had their first dance as husband and wife. The new Mr & Mrs James! They choose the acoustic version of Adele – Someone like you. Their 2nd song was a bit of a jump in tempo … which was “Cheryl Lynn – Got to be Real” … a reality check for a newly married couple maybe? lol … But it went down a storm on the dance floor and our DJ was very confident and happy how the rest of the wedding party would turn out!

The music chosen by the bride and groom was an eclectic mix of old & new, funk, pop, rock, motown, and 90s …
Sadly all before long it was time for our wedding DJ to play the last song of the night. This song was chosen by Harry and Sophia. The all time modern wedding classic “The Killers – Mr brightside” that MINT DJ play towards the end of the night at nearly every single wedding! But at this wedding it was requested that our DJ play this as the last song of the night! Which he did!

Just when the DJ wedding entertainment DJ thought the party was over

.Just when we thought it was safe to turn everything off and pack away! Our Ireland wedding DJ had a whole dance floor of very elated wedding guests chanting one more song one more song! Which we captured on film! This can be found below…. Normally the last song of the evening at Grittenham barns is midnight, but for some reason they have recently changed it to 11.45pm ( probably DJs playing overtime due to pressure from the wedding guests has caused this ) Our DJ played the last song at 11.41pm, precision timing right! Well it would have been, but of course they wanted one one more!

The venue were not showing any signs of turning on the house lights! So our DJ played one last tune, some guest randomly said build me up buttercup. So our DJ made a quick announcement telling everyone that they could have just one more song if they respected the venues rules and everyone was out the building by midnight! Our DJ played it as last song of the night!! Amazingly everyone was out the venue by midnight! Result all round extremely Happy client! happy venue and Happy DJ!