Party DJ Ireland for private event

This blog contains a short video that our Party DJ Ireland managed to capture from his performance. This was from this amazing party in Dublin. So you don’t get bored we’ve edited the songs allowing more time for the house music. Thus showing that our Party DJ Ireland mixes to incredibly high standards. Knowing how to create a perfect club vibe along with knowing what party floor fillers should be played.

MINT DJ were contacted by Steve from MMC to provide their party DJ Ireland and uplighting/mood lighting services. This was on 25/06/2016 at a private house in Dublin for a graduation party celebration. What an amazing celebration it turned out to be!

Last minute complications

The music choices were well chosen by the client. The only problem being, clear communication was lacking from the client, it was hard work. When the music list finally arrived.. via email to my phone, just as the guests arrived.. shortly after 19.00 hours … The music list contained quite a large number of unusual songs that our party DJ Ireland didn’t have. So our DJ played one of our nice and uplifting soulful house mixes for background music. This was very good but so far removed from the clients playlist which was no fault of our own!

We had around just under one hour or so before the guests started to dwindle in to the marquee from the beautiful surrounding  gardens, to cut a potentially long story short, were able to use the clients wifi to download around 40 songs that were needed for the background music while the client and guests enjoyed the absolutely stunning catering provided by Kieron and Ghaz from Incredibly Fed!

Going above and beyond the call of duty to keep this client happy was definitely worth it. Although our background music is perfect for Weddings and Corporate events. The music choices the client wanted changed the atmosphere in the marquee completely, this almost surprised us as the majority of the guests were young. but obviously come from well to do families, a few posh accents flying around, but very respectful and well behaved guests, unlike some weddings in Cork and Kerry where we have provided our DJ services. The client choice of background music set the perfect atmosphere early on, before it turned into a full on party!

Incredibly fed

Kieron and Ghaz the owners of Incredibly fed catering looked after us very well, incredibly nice guys, very professional and easy going. Just before the party was due to start, Kieron came over to confirm that our DJ was going to turn the chandeliers off, to help create the right vibe.

APC saves the day!

But then there was a big problem! The professional marquee company? provided the DJs power feed direct from the chandeliers, meaning the DJ would get no power when the chandeliers are dimmed! We will not discuss the full details, but MINT DJ Ireland use an APC UPS battery power back up system. On this occasion this allowed us to keep the music playing & our uplighting working, while our DJ unplugged the power cables and re configured them without causing any disruption to the event. Without blowing our own trumpet, we can safely say if this had happened to any other wedding DJ, this would have been a big issue!

Why can we say this? Because we know how our competitors operate and we know most choose not to use it! The technology we use is far from new. However it gets the job done and allows MINT DJ weddings and party DJs to be flawless in their service! It does not matter about power cuts or very sensitive sound limiters (normally installed incorrectly) MINT DJ will keep your party going! from our knowledge there are very few wedding DJs in Ireland that provide this level of cover!

The music choices our wedding DJ played were very eclectic. However our Ireland party and wedding DJ read the crowd very well indeed, mixing up the likes of Abba – Dancing Queen, Lulu Shout with Bruno Mars, Daft punk, Groove armarda, Armand van helden, Jay z, Mary J blige and Enrique.

It was a very enjoyable night for our DJ, playing a different mix of music from the normal wedding type stuff!

If you need a wedding DJ, Corporate DJ or an Event DJ in Dublin, Kerry, Galway or anywhere in Ireland , then make sure you contact MINT DJ to give you a night to remember!

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