Brides, if you and your fiance are looking for wedding DJs for your wedding reception in Dublin or Cork or anywhere for that matter, here’s today’s tip:

Do NOT hire a DJ who bases the price on what a bridal magazine or wedding planner suggest. This is a red flag. It indicates an amateur, lazy approach to business, which is an indication of how the DJ company will operate for your wedding reception.

Instead, hire an Expert Wedding DJs that bases the price on accepted business practices, which include ability, talent, demand, expenses, education, training, etc. You WANT a DJ who runs a good business, is conscientious, client-driven, and is professional.

The Average Price?

The “average” price for Wedding DJs, as published in a magazine, is just that: Average. “Average” isn’t enough to make your event spectacular, memorable and fun. You aren’t getting your drain cleared or your oil changed. You are spending tens of thousands of pounds for an amazing event that will live in your memory your entire life. “Average” just won’t cut it.

You NEED an Expert Wedding DJ; a Master of Ceremonies; a trained and talented entertainer to fulfill your vision for the biggest event of your life. That kind of DJ doesn’t take the fees they charge from a magazine… or promote it to the public.

Bottom line: A truly Professional wedding DJ/MC will command a truly professional fee. And that fee is respectful of you, your event, and the professional entertainer you entrust with your event.

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