Dublin corporate Event DJs hire, do it right

Dublin corporate event DJ! Book a DJ on price!  Recently MINT DJ was asked to provide our corporate event DJ at a very well known hotel in Ireland, We provided a quote and unfortunately we did not get the job! Why do we say unfortunately? We say unfortunately because we heard of the outcome through our contacts in the corporate events industry and what we heard was beyond shocking!!!

To cut a long story short… The event management team hired an AV company that hired in the sound and lighting costing over 20K , Then someone decided that they only had a small budget for the DJ …. So they booked the DJ for this important Corporate event purely on price! what did they get? they ended up with a bedroom DJ! Yes you heard right a bedroom DJ with hardly any experience at all, most certainly not an experiential corporate event DJ!

Regarding the music and vibe – The event did not go well! There were quite a number of dissapointed and embarassed clientele involved, and of course the guests!! So next time you book a DJ for your corporate event, do yourself and your company a massive favour! Do NOT book on price! Book on experience! Hire an experiential corporate event DJ!

Take a look at our corporate event DJ service below, book the right music for the right brand!

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