Corporate event DJ Jeremy was supplied by MINT DJ on behalf of MMC (the mobile music company). MMC supply event DJs all over Ireland for a large number event management companies, Hotels and funky venues. MINT DJ provide their DJ hire services on a regular basis for MMC.

The client in question for this event being hosted at the Berkley hotel in knightsbridge, London, was Bennet Hay. This Dublin based company provide bespoke hospitality services for quintessential guest fulfilment. They provide guest services, food and well being and workplace support to their clients.

The ultimate guest experience every time, all the time!

The above phrase is the catchphrase and branding used by this well respected hospitality company to express their work ethic.

We certainly hope that’s what our corporate event DJ provided for Bennet Hays 1st awards party. According to the reaction on the dance floor we did just that!  We thought it was nice for this hospitality company to have the tables turned. They got to appreciate what it’s like to receive a similar level of hospitality to what they provide their corporate clients on a regular basis

Our Corporate event DJ

Our corporate event DJ made sure he arrived in plenty of time to set up the sound and lighting required to make this event a success. The venue, The Berkley Hotel is located just outside the congestion charge zone in knightsbridge. As long as sat nav wouldn’t try and route him on some dodgy route to the venue. He would arrive in good time nice and relaxed. Not stressed like the traffic conditions inside the London congestion charge zone can make you!

At the beginging of the evening Bennet Hay co-founder, Anthony Bennett said the following “Our people provide five star service to our guests every day. We didn’t just want to thank them for their continuous hard work, and recognise the outstanding service they provide, but also to allow them to receive five star service in return,”.

Here are some of the award winners!

Corporate event DJ London entertainment Hire Hotel venue

Photo provided by Benjamin Venegas;  from the left, Robin Hay (Owner Director), Magda Wisniewska (Café and hospitality manager, HTC, receiving the Client Retention Award), Anthony Bennett (Owner Director), Anna Gorniak, (Marketing and media manager)

These corporate party people did not want the music too cheesy. So none of your typical Abba, Spice girls or Village people was played!. The cheesiest song that was played all night was “I got a feeling, tonights gonna be a good night” by the “Black eyed peas”.

The DJ played a great mix of Latino music, r&b, hiphop, house music. Also a few rock songs were requested by a few of the guests.

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