MINT DJ were invited to perform a party DJ set for a private party in Dublin. MINT DJ do not only DJ for weddings and corporate events in Dublin, Kerry, Galway and all over Ireland. We will be very happy to DJ for private events, playing all genres of music. If you need a party DJ who can rock any party then we should be on your short list!

Below here you will find different video clips from the night giving you an idea of what we can do. Unfortunately, currently, we don’t use high quality video/ audio recording devices to capture what we do. Which is a real shame as we have so many amazing gigs where everything goes off the scale, and we only tend to use our phones to capture these moments!!

Music always comes first!

MINT DJ always focus on the music, when we are in the zone that is it! its all about the music! So you will hear distortion on the recordings as at this event they wanted a night club kinda of vibe! So the music was very loud and bass heavy as requested! … The microphones in mobile phones are just not made to handle the high sound pressure levels that are found in most nightclubs.

This night our DJs were asked to try and keep a party vibe, but not particularly cheesy music! They wanted some r&b hiphop house garage and some drum & bass! And some old skool and thats what they got…. the client gave us a nice review that can be read here …

We used Turbosound TQ115dp Sub bass speakers along with d&b c6 copies powered with Lab gruppen amplifiers that was perfect for this small venue. The sound was very clear, with plenty of solid bass that was clearly definied, that was evenly balanced throughout the whole room!