Best wedding DJ in Ireland for the wedding of Gemma & Nick

The best wedding DJ in Ireland was hired for the wedding of Nick & Gemma. The day he married his bride, the love of his life & best friend Gemma Brown!

Planning a wedding can be hard work

Nick from Kildare in Ireland asked MINT DJ if they could supply the best wedding DJ in Ireland for their wedding which was now being held at the lovely Bury Court Barn on the west coast. The original wedding venue had to be cancelled as the venue had gone bankrupt. Fortunately Nick managed to get his deposit back, this was very useful and allowed them to have the wedding they wanted!

Nick and Gemma choose this location to have the wedding as most of the guests and family that were attending lived quite close, although Nick and his family had to travel from the south of Ireland.

The LED light up LOVE letters

MINT DJ provided their best wedding DJ in Ireland for the wedding of Nick and Gemma. Nick and Gemma  booked the Platinum package with Mood lighting/Uplighting. They also booked the Lovely LED light up Love letters.


Sound limiters can spoil your wedding party!

Wedding event DJ Jeremy was a little nervous about this wedding venue. Therefore he expressed his concerns to the bride to be, Gemma. Jeremy had spoken to another wedding DJ/ Friend. He complained about the venue and said he will never work there again! The problem is a noise limiter which is set at a ridiculously low threshold.

Unlike normal wedding venues that have a separate power supply for the wedding DJ. The whole venue is connected to the same electronic circuit that the limiter is on! Yes that’s right, if the DJ’s volume is too loud then it clips the sound limiter and everything goes off! Very clever! NOT!!! So on the night as the event DJ had said, the venue staff come up demanding that the music level is dropped, even though it is not particularly loud! I know what you are thinking, typical deaf DJ that love loud music!

So much more than just a wedding and event DJ

The wedding DJ in question was DJ Jeremy, who is not only an expert wedding DJ, but a very experienced and qualified sound engineer and teacher with a music educators degree! So getting back to the issue here, hopefully the following will give you an idea…

Sounding off or thinking out of the box

In most wedding venues with a capacity of around 150 people, most professional DJ’s will use a pair of Full range PA speakers along with a pair of sub bass speaker boxes. This is the standard sound setup DJ Jeremy uses for 99% of wedding DJ jobs. Because of the tip off he had received from James, he decided on using his 1 stack speakers solution. This involves a special sound mixer being used so that a stereo sound would still be created even though there was only a single full range speaker and 1 sub bass speaker unit.

Any sound professional in there right mind would have thought this would have been the perfect solution, but even this little DJ speaker setup was still way too powerful and not long into the party the DJ was demanded to turn the volume down immediately, just after this wedding DJ happened to have everyone on the floor, typical!!!

Thinking out the box does not always work! Never give in

Jeremy thought that turning the single sub bass speaker box off might have solved the problem! But no that didn’t solve the sound limiter issue. The venue staff were still continually asking for volume to be brought down! To cut a long story short DJ Jeremy was running a single full range speaker at barely 20% of its sound level and the venue was finally OK with it! Shocking! Jeremy did notice as soon as the volume dropped quite a number of people left the dance floor. This was a shame, but did not stop the best wedding DJ in Ireland from creating an amazing wedding party.

However if you want amazing party and love your music then there are lots of amazing wedding venues in Ireland  that will be better suited if you want a real wedding party!

The uplighting/mood lighting

Back to the wedding of Gemma and Nick, the colour for the bridesmaids dresses was a lovely mint green. This is what the Bride, Gemma had decided should be the colour for the mood lighting/uplighting. There are some pictures of the mood lighting/uplighting below but they really don’t do them justice. As beautiful as this wedding venue is, it’s very hard to translate that into a photo. The mood lighting/uplighting still looked very striking though!

The Lovely wedding photographer, Helen Sarah.

It was great to bump into Helen Sarah again, who DJ Jeremy did not recognize until he asked for her business card, doh! Helen had changed her hair colour from blonde to black! So this was quite understandable! Helen is a very talented wedding photographer and one of the Irelands best, based on the outskirts of Dublin, She covers southern Ireland and beyond.

DJ Jeremy is not a photographer and does not always capture the best images, so he has since spoken with Sarah since the wedding and she has promised to send him over some pictures from the wedding, but only after the bride and groom have seen them first, which is only right!

The photos

In the meantime here are the rest of the photos DJ Jeremy managed to capture of the wedding.

All white wedding DJ setup.

Gemma and Nick cutting the wedding cake and their first wedding dance, chosen song in the end was “Etta James – At last” and a few from the dance floor.

Our beautiful new LED Light up LOVE signs!

The only limit is your imagination, DJ Jeremy used uplighting and colour wash mood lighting to create the following variations on colour on these LED light up Love letters.