Wedding party DJ for Monday wedding

After a very busy weekend that included providing DJ hire for an anniversary party in Hastings on Sunday night. Also providing their wedding party DJ complete with mood lighting/uplighting at Ashdown Park Hotel, Dublin. Jeremy thought he was going to have a few days off to chill out and recharge his batteries. Now that was wishful thinking!

Last minute call for Wedding party DJ

Sunday late afternoon DJ Jeremy got a message from another Dublin wedding DJ. This wedding DJ needed a good DJ to cover a gig providing last minute cover for this wedding. The reason being, he was stranded in Paris as his flight had been cancelled. Fortunately although still recovering, Jeremy was available to provide cover.

The wedding breakfast was held in the main ballroom. The so called evening part of the wedding was being held in the room next door. We say the so called because everyone ended up spending nearly all night in the ballroom. The wedding DJ setup the mood lighting/uplighting and his DJ rig and was ready to start the evening entertainment at 9pm as stipulated on the booking form.

The first dance

In the end, it was actually something like 10.40pm when everyone finally arrived into the room. Waiting to see the bride and groom perform the all important first dance. What a truly beautiful first dance it was!

After the first dance there were a couple of surprises in store for the bride and groom! A Hula Hoop Dance by the brides friends to bring back some memories from her college years and some karaoke performed by the groom that he seemed to have no idea about!

After all this finished, there was just over one hour left of dancing time as the last dance of this wedding was scheduled in for midnight. This wedding party DJ kicked strait into a party and played as much music as he could fit in.

The only guide regarding music choice was the following…

General music list is RnB/Dance. It will just be the first dance and everyone will then just have a good time and enjoy their drinks. Requests on the night not a problem!

The manager of the Ashdown Park Hotel came over to the DJ and asked if he would kindly play maybe 20 minutes extra for the client, MINT DJ like to keep everybody happy where possible and they were such beautiful people, it was a pleasure to do.

A special envelope was given to the wedding party DJ at end of night by the lovely bride Helen Linn, she said here, this is for you its funny money, it’s a family tradition to give everyone one of these at our family weddings¬† When he opened it later it turned out to be a ¬£10 note, nice touch!