Ireland wedding DJs are not the only entertainment you should have at your wedding

What do we mean by entertainment we mean anything that is entertaining to you and your guests so therefore this Covers everything from all types of bands and your Ireland wedding DJs, to off the wall acts and tricky magicians – here’s 10 reasons why entertainment is the most important part of any wedding, whether it be a manor barn wedding in the Kerry countryside or an unusual wedding venue in the heart of Dublin.

Wedding entertainment is much more important than the wedding favors and even the wedding cake. Yeah that’s right, you heard me, you heard right! Ask yourself can a wedding cake change the atmosphere in a room or make people dance? The simple answer is NO!

1. You and your guests will remember it for life.

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Not everyone will be able to remember what they had for dinner, however everyone will remember the amazing Ireland wedding DJs that rocked your wedding party so hard that even your father-in-law and nanny got on the dance floor, not to mention the many comments from your guests about how their feet ached badly the following day from dancing all night long.

2.  The right entertainment lets you express yourselves.

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With so many choices available, wedding entertainment can be a very personal way of letting people know what your fun-loving tastes are like, whether it be music or something completely random and off the wall.

3. It does what it says on the tin, it keeps you and your guests entertained.

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Good food, good company and plenty of alcohol will certainly help to keep smiles on people’s faces, but nothing can compare to the experience of a live band or amazing Ireland wedding DJs to keep your guests dancing all night long

4. It’s the perfect ice breaker.

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Weddings are normally large gatherings, often involving family and friends that come from completely different walks of life, so you need something (other than alcohol) that gets these awkward social barriers broken and those feet moving, that something is entertainment. Expert Ireland wedding DJs are perfect for this as they can play music for everyone at the wedding. The music will normally be mainstream, so it will be palatable to most of your guests and they will more than likely recognize the songs and therefore get up and dance to them.

5. Let’s go crazy.

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Ever heard of a wedding where one of three waiters suddenly break out into singing opera? A wedding with a bouncy castle? Or maybe a wedding with a fire breather? Nothing’s too crazy when its your wedding and you want to make it unique and special to you.

5 more reasons

6. Entertainment is for all ages.

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Kids, Parents, grandparents, college friends and extended family can all enjoy the awesome experience that wedding entertainment will bring, hiring expert Ireland wedding DJs that can cater for the needs of everyone is the perfect way to keep everyone happy.

7. It gives something for people to talk about – for a long time afterwards.

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Surely there is nothing more satisfying than shutting up any pessimists and hearing the buzz for all the right reasons for weeks (and even months) afterwards. Obviously getting married will be, but this has to be a close second.

8. It can complement your wedding theme perfectly.

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Vintage style wedding in Ireland? Would some Croquet or pick up sticks on the lawn and light acoustic music be the order of the day? It certainly would not be complete without a trad jazz or swing band. Whatever theme you can think of – there is always the right type of entertainment to complement it.

9. You will enjoy the applause too.

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After the party band or Ireland wedding DJs play the last song in their final set you can take a bit of the credit for hiring them – especially with all the compliments already flying about. C’mon, this has been your big wedding day and it’s all about you, enjoy being a little self indulgent just for once.

10. Everyone will want to copy you.

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Have you always wanted to have that wedding everyone wants to try and better? Oh to hear those magic words: “Why didn’t we think of that?”.

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