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This time last year wedding DJ hire was just leaving the house to travel to provide our DJ hire Ireland service for Laura and Peter Lovejoy at the beautiful Battle abbey wedding venue in Dublin. It was a beautiful sunny day throughout the whole of Ireland, it was early Wednesday afternoon, so no issues with traffic congestion as we traveled through the beautiful Irish countryside.

Wedding DJ hire Ireland arrived as always, before time! With many of the wedding party outside the venue enjoying the beautiful weather. In the meantime MINT DJ went to work, firstly installing the uplighting/mood lighting in to the venue, a total of 22 of these LED uplighting/ mood lighting units were supplied along with 2 LED panels to colour wash the magnificent ceiling of this stunning wedding venue.

In the meantime the speeches were going on and on….

Wedding DJ hire Ireland

then came the cutting of the cake…

Wedding DJ hire Ireland

All these beautiful moments were going on in the library room next door, so we decided to set up the sound system last!

We set up the sound system for our wedding DJ, on this occasion we had decided that we would use our much larger Meyer Sound rig… Battle abbey wedding venue is a large room to fill with sound so we decided it was appropriate, why you ask? this is a wedding after all, not a concert! well that is very true, just because we use a larger sound system for some weddings does not mean the volume has to be loud!

We are experts in sound with letters after our name, MINT DJ know that the only way to get the perfect sound quality in such a venue is to go for a larger sound system but used moderately, its the only way, smaller sound system will sound thin & lacking.

This is especially important as the right quality of sound will encourage guests at weddings to take to the dance floor, speaking of dance floors and dancing, our wedding DJ played some chillout music to give a nice vibe and get the wedding party in the mood for dancing but without being over powering!

Everyone was clearly having a great time, time drifted, the sun was going down and it was finally time for our wedding DJ to invite the bride and groom, Laura and Peter to do their first dance together, they chose the all time classic wedding song by Al green – Let’s stay together.

Wedding DJ Hire Ireland

Time to party!!!

After the first dance our wedding DJ played a great mix of tunes that Laura and Peter had chosen, a mixture of cheesy wedding songs, Lots of MJ along with a special MUST PLAY request for MJ Beat it (these are the exact words of the client) VERY IMPORTANT!! This is a very important song to one of my bridesmaids and I. She will be the one in a wheel chair so if there’s any chance you could get this on when she and I are on the dance floor I will massively appreciate it!!!  stayed in the 80s for while then moved into the 90s, then disco, modern chart music, with a 45 minute house & garage set thrown in, all crafted tastefully by our expert Wedding DJ!

All good things must come to an end, and sadly this was the case with the Dublin wedding of Laura and Peter, It was midnight and time for our wedding DJ to play the final song of the night! Laura and Peter ended the night united with all their family and friends arm in arm on the dance floor to Frank Sinatra’s – New york New york! which was very apt, as Laura and Peter were having there honeymoon in New york!

The review

Here’s a few kind words that Laura and Peter kindly left for us on our hitched weddings profile.

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