James & Melissa choose Galway wedding DJ for their special day.

Please note our Galway wedding DJ has changed the date, names and location on this blog. Media coverage has been excluded as this client does not wish to have their special day all over the internet. So therefore this blog is purely fictional, enjoy. (This option is now available for all our clients)

17th July 2016.

James & Melissa, both from the seaside city of Galway in West Ireland, celebrated their wedding day. This was in the seaside city of Galway. James & Melissa  had their wedding reception at the beautiful Cavendish Hotel.

MINT DJ were asked to provide their wedding DJ with the GOLD package, this is our evening only wedding DJ service. We also provide expert wedding DJs, and dance floors in Kerry, Cork and Dublin.

Our Galway wedding DJ arrived on site early as always. This gave him plenty of time to load in his DJ, Sound and lighting equipment. This was a good thing as the load in for the Cavendish Hotel is less than favorable.

Although this wedding was running behind time, our Galway wedding DJ, Jeremy, managed to claw back time for the bride and groom with a very prompt set up. So they did not loose too much dancing time. This was partly due to the more simplified sound set up that’s needed for this venue.

Shortly before Jeremy had finished setting up the DJ, Sound and lighting equipment he crossed paths with the super talented wedding harpist Fiona Hosford. He has worked with her on events many times before. Jeremy had a brief catchup and hug with Fiona and she said she would make sure she tweeted Jeremy on twitter later on, which she did!

Need a talented harpist?

If you need a talented harpist for your special wedding day then Fiona should be at the top of your list. 

She provides her harpist services  for weddings and corporate events in Kerry, Limerick, Galway and Dublin.