Hire corporate event DJs in Ireland to make your event a success

Are you hosting a corporate event in Ireland in the next month then you will more than likely need corporate event DJs in Ireland to help make your event a success. You will need to choose the right DJ who can play the right music that best represents your corporate branding. You will want an experienced DJ!

The right corporate event DJ

MINT DJ can provide you with the right DJ for the right event! All our DJ’s excel at creating the right vibe. Our corporate event DJs in Ireland will give you a night to remember, they are very capable with any style or genre of music. They will keep your dance floor full all night! Whether it’s older 60s music , motown & northern soul or Dirty cutting edge r&b hiphop, grime and bashment they cant rock any corporate event!

It’s paramount that the music you chose represents your company branding! if you choose the wrong DJ then you could ruin your corporate event! There are many DJs out there that claim they are corporate event DJs. However there is more to being a corporate event DJ than just being good at playing music!

We will talk more in depth about what the differences are between an experiential corporate event DJs in Ireland and your typical mobile DJ later. But, for the time being to put it in a nut shell(so to speak) Image is a major player! Not only the clean cut image of the DJ but also the Image of the DJ setup. Sophisticated, Minimal and sleek is what corporate clients demand! As smart as the ever popular start cloth DJ booths have become! It is a no no! Plain black is most definitely preferred for a corporate event. Sometime plain white DJ booth can be employed for the right event!

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