Corporate event DJ in Dublin for an event to remember!

Last Saturday MINT DJ provided their corporate event DJ in Dublin for Corporate Care UK. Although Corporate Care UK now have offices in Greater Cork and South Limerick, most of their employees are Dublin based. So the Hilton Hotel in edgeware, Dublin was deemed the right place to host their annual dinner dance event.

MINT DJ were contracted to cover this important corporate event, they provide DJs for corporate events all over Ireland. They also provide event DJs along with sound and lighting hire for many corporate event management companies in Dublin.

Corporate Care UK celebrated the great work their company had accomplished in the past year. They hired a couple of close up magicians, a live swing act performing classic songs from the era of Frank sinatra, a Corporate event DJ in Dublin provided by MINT DJ, a photo booth and a portable cocktail bar.

Let’s get this party started! erm not quite yet…

The staff from Corporate Care UK were up for a party and everyone was on the dance floor all night. The timings for this event did not work out as expected, everything ended up behind time. The DJ was scheduled for a 22.00 hours start! This ended up being around 23.30 after the swing act had completed their set, although they would have gone on all night as they were loving it!

Finally the Corporate event DJ in Dublin gets to spin a few tunes.

So the DJ started his set at 23.30 … he was only meant to be playing music till 01.00 hours. So therefore the DJ thought he was in for quite a short set! Oh how wrong he was! Just before 01.00 hours the Managing director came rushing over saying play another hour? So the DJ said sure, long as its OK with the venue? So the managing director, Jules went and spoke to the venue to confirm it would be ok to continue and it was.

Its 2am and they still want more!

Then at 5 minutes before 02.00 hours, it was groundhog day yet again! Yes, he wanted another hour! So another overtime fee was agreed, paid in cash, after it was confirmed with the venue that it would be ok to party for another hour! It’s quite amazing how accomodating this venue was, that just wouldn’t be allowed in most of the corporate venues we perform at in Dublin.

So, in the end this Corporate event DJ in Dubin played music and had everyone dancing till 03.00 hours! A great night was had by all!