Frequently asked questions regarding corporate event DJs and wedding DJs Dublin Ireland

The reason to book your wedding DJ through MINT DJ, Dublin, Ireland?


MINT DJ aim to exceed all your expectations, that’s why! From the initial booking right through to your special day. We keep in touch with you, available to guide you through your wedding planning process and answer your questions promptly.

Our wedding DJ services we provide are second to none, we know our worth in the wedding DJ market! We know our DJ competitors in Dublin and the rest of Ireland very well. MINT DJ knows what sets us apart, from the competition, from our presentation to the equipment we use. Everything we do is of the very highest standard in the wedding industry.

MINT DJ are definitely not the cheapest supplier of wedding DJs in Dublin and Ireland. We are by no means the most expensive. We are not into undercutting other wedding DJ suppliers for work. That does not contribute towards keeping the standard high! We know that we are probably the best value for money around.

Why should I book a Dublin corporate event DJ through MINT DJ?

MINT DJ are the quintessential when it comes corporate event DJs in Dublin, Ireland and anywhere in the world! In recent times we have provided our corporate DJ services at events in Oslo, Salzburg, Valencia, Paris and Rome. We provide our corporate event DJs for corporate events in Dublin on a regular basis. We have the knowledge and the experience needed to create the perfect corporate event. Our DJs only play the right styles of music pertinent to your branding click here to book your DJ.

What is the cost of your wedding DJ services?

Every event we provide DJs for is different and involve various factors, therefore we do not have a standard price. The actual cost of our DJ services will vary depending on several factors. The main ones being, the type of event? Certain events require DJ set up earlier and perform for longer. Size? More equipment = higher fee. Date? Prime dates = higher fee. Location? City of Dublin will incur a waiting charge, and how many services are required? All these factor will affect the total price you pay for your DJ whether it’s a corporate event in Dublin or a wedding in Cork.

Is it a wedding in Kerry or a Dublin based corporate event?

Weddings normally command a higher. There’s a great deal more time spent by the DJs in preparation for a wedding DJ than corporate events and private events. Although corporate events in Dublin require more time allocated for the Job in question.

How many people do you have attending your wedding or corporate event?

If you having many guests, then you’re probably having your special event in a much larger venue. Therefore the DJ will need a larger sound and lighting system to provide you with the same quality of service. So obviously the larger your venue the higher the cost will be for our DJ services.

The date you require our wedding DJ services for?

Our DJ services for a midweek winter wedding or corporate event, will normally cost you less than a wedding in Kerry or corporate event in Dublin on a prime Saturday in the peak of summer.

What’s the location of your event?

The cost of our DJ service will depend on the location of your wedding, corporate event or private party. Obviously if your event is being held locally in Dublin it will cost considerably less than the same event being held in Cork. The main factors that decide this are, venue access times (some venues in Cork will not allow the supplier to load out DJ or Sound & lighting equipment at end of night, so they have to return collect it the following morning) parking restrictions, congestion charges, extra travel time needed.

Some venues in Dublin are known in the entertainments industry to be a nightmare and therefore many wedding and corporate event suppliers will simply refuse to even work at these Dublin venues. MINT DJ will never turn down the opportunity to give you the wedding party of a lifetime or a highly successful corporate launch, however it will be reassuringly expensive!

Exactly, how many services can you provide?

Once again the cost of our DJ service will be based on what services you require from us, to give you an example, we provide an evening only wedding DJ service, all day wedding DJ service that include music for the ceremony and DJ packages that include early equipment setup, wireless microphone hire and music during the wedding breakfast. We have many other add ons such as uplighting and mood lighting, LED light up love, monogram projection, starlit dance floors. So it really depends on what you require?

Do you charge VAT for your DJ services?

No! We do not charge VAT for any of our DJ services, there are no hidden charges, so the price we quote is the price you pay!

Will the wedding DJ I was expecting be the DJ who turns up at my wedding or party?

There are many wedding DJ suppliers, DJ agencies and multi-operator companies around.  With them, you may find that the wedding DJ you book for your wedding or party will not be the one who turns up on the night. This will not happen when you book with me, you are not subject to this uncertainty as I will provide you with a written contract stating who the DJ is at your party (me), and therefore there are no nasty surprises.  Once I am booked for an event , I will not be available for other enquiries, but will still however be able to provide you with a great DJ for your party.

What types of music do you play?

I’ll play any kind of music you want – this is your special event, not mine, If you do not give me any idea of your music preferences then I will skillfully read the crowd and use my talents to have everyone up on the dance floor, I will accept music requests if they are appropriate.

Will your DJs be offended if we supply a list of every single song we want played with no flexibility to play any of their own choices?

Not offended, but from experience this more than likely will kill the party. You are paying top money for your DJ, you are paying for experience, so make sure you use them. Great DJs know many genres of music and have tracks that will bridge your request list together to create a DJ set that is fresh, but is as seamless and flowing as possible.

Do you accept music requests from guests on the night?

Yes, on the night I always announce on the microphone that guests are welcome to ask me for any requests they would like to have played.

The only reasons I wouldn’t play a guest request:

The request is on the “do not play list” that you have provided me with.

It’s a song that is very likely to clear the dance floor

The song is inappropriate for your wedding or special event.

How many songs would the DJ play during a 5 hour wedding reception?

This depends on the genres of music that you have requested the DJ to play at your wedding. If your want a more club style DJ set then you will be looking at around 100 songs, if you want a typical mixed bag of motown, 60s to noughties, rock and current chart music then you will be looking at around 75 songs.

Do you talk much in between the music?

Generally I do not speak between the music, however I make clear and well articulated announcements as and when they are required. I DJ with a very high standard of mixing to club standard, so you will not find me talking nonsense on the microphone, I only talk on the microphone when something is worth saying! or if there is a spotlight moment that needs highlighting, such as introducing the cutting of the cake or the opening dance at your wedding.

We have a friend who is a DJ, can they play a set at our wedding?

Yes, that will be absolutely fine. Under normal circumstances we insist they keep their DJ set as short as possible. No more than an hour! We do this because most DJs that will want to perform will be genre specific. While the music might be amazing and refreshing for your wedding, too much of it and you could possibly lose the vibe along with some of your wedding guests.

Don’t worry though as our expert wedding DJ will know exactly what to do, getting your wedding party back, and dance floor full again!

If your DJ friend has any special requirements regarding DJ equipment, we can provide the extra DJ equipment needed for an additional fee, Alternatively if they wish, they can bring there own DJ equipment and plug into our sound system, we would would insist that they arrive early to sound check before you and your guests arrive, ensuring that they are happy with the sound for their DJ set at your wedding and so everything runs smoothly on your special day.

What do you wear to a wedding?

Black tie or smart casual or I will wear whatever you would like me to wear. if your having a seventies theme at your wedding I can turn up in funky seventies vibe.

How early do I need to book my expert wedding DJ?

If your wedding day is nearer to a Saturday in mid summer than a week day in Winter then I recommend you book as soon as possible. I do get booked up many months in advance.

Your booking will be confirmed in my diary once I’ve received the deposit and the signed contract. I will always hold the date of your wedding for one week from the day you receive your quote, so you don’t feel you have to make any rushed decisions.

Would you like to check availability for your date ?  Send me a message

How do I confirm my booking?

I will email a contract to you, which you will sign and return with the 20% Deposit fee. The booking is then confirmed.

Payment can be made by cheque or bank transfer. The contract that I will send to you shows the bank details for you to arrange the transfer/BACS payment.

Do you have the PLI Insurance and PAT certificates requested by the venue?

Yes indeed. All my equipment is Portable Appliance Tested (PAT) annually to the current HSE Electricity at Work regulations, and every item has a PAT certificate.

Additionally I’m a member of SEDA (South East DJs Association) and MDJN which provides me with £10 million worth of full public liability insurance (PLI) and employers liability insurance. If you’d like to see copies of all or any of these certificates, let me know!

What equipment do you use?

Meyer Sound, Turbosound, Crown, Lab gruppen, Yamaha, Sennheiser, Shure, Pioneer, Martin, ADJ

The majority of our work is weddings and corporate events, therefore we only use the finest DJ, sound and lighting equipment that money can buy. All our equipment is maintained and updated regularly to ensure that it not only sounds great but looks great too, giving the right aesthetics for your wedding or corporate event.

Do you carry backup equipment with you?

Sometimes even the best professional audio and DJ equipment can fail, So to protect yourself against this becoming a major problem at your wedding or event a truly professional DJ will carry all the backup equipment needed for every eventuality, so many mobile DJs carry very little or no backup at all! hoping that a quick trip home will resolve the problem, but in reality by the time they have resolved the problem you will have lost out on a significant amount of your wedding evening or party. Therefore I carry backup equipment of everything that is critical to making your wedding or event a success.

What happens if there is a power cut?

I know how very important your wedding or event is to you! So I go above and beyond the call of duty and carry a very unique electricity backup system. This means no matter what happens, I can guarantee that a power cut in the middle of your first dance will not stop the music! As far as I know I am the only DJ in this country that can guarantee this for you!

What happens if our chosen wedding DJ is ill on the day?

I have DJ contacts in nearly every area of the UK who can help to save the direst of situation.

I’m also a member of SEDA (South East DJs Association) and MDJN so have access to a huge number of DJs in the extremely unlikely situation that I’m not able to make your event.

However, I NEVER miss any of my engagements. Too this day I have never been too sick to perform at an event. In short, it would have to be a real catastrophe for me to miss your event.

Can you work with a band?

Sure, No problem, I have worked with many different styles of bands. I know some absolutely amazing bands perfect to compliment your wedding or corporate event.

When I work with a band, everything I do compliments them nicely. I always make sure there is a smooth transition between myself and the band, also making sure there is music playing where appropriate.

Pricing; some clients have had an expectation that the DJ would be much cheaper than the usual price in this scenario because he is only playing for a couple of hours. I still have to be at the event the whole night regardless of the actual hours that I’m performing for, so I do not offer a lower price because I am working with a live band or artiste.

The venue we’ve chosen for our wedding or event has a sound limiter is this a problem?

This will be a problem for the majority of mobile DJ’s out there. We are shocked how many times a brides first wedding dance was spoiled because the DJ tripped the sound limiter. Naturally the music stops, to be fair to many DJs this is not really their fault. Most sound limiters seem to be set at a ridiculous volume level. However with our technical knowledge and forward thinking. We have a very special system in place that means we can guarantee your wedding or event will not be ruined with the sound limiter cutting off the music all the time. No other DJ in Ireland offers this facility! Not even the Finalists of the Best Wedding DJ in the Wedding Industry Awards 2020 offer this!

Do you use smoke or haze machines?

No, we find most venue’s will not allow them as they trigger smoke alarms off very easily. Sometime a special haze machine can be used at certain venue’s

If you want more of a night club style effect then you need a haze machine. These can be hired in especially for you, if required.

Do you use laser lighting?

We do not use laser lighting! It is not really appropriate for most weddings and laser lighting is not very effective without the use of haze or smoke machine. Once again if this is something you would definitely love to have for your wedding or event. Then we can arrange this provided it is OK with the venue.

Do you use strobe lighting?

I do not use strobe lighting, unless it is specifically requested in advance.  We also need you to confirm, there will be no one attending your event who may be adversely affected by this type of lighting.

Do have a certain type of lighting style you would like on your wedding day or for your special event? Get in touch and I can guide you through the options. Don’t forget to have a look at our Mood lighting /uplighting  click here

How long does it take to set up?

It generally takes one hour to set up the sound & lighting equipment for the typical evening only disco package. I will usually arrive at the venue just over an hour before the start time. If that’s not early enough, you always have the option of an early set up.

How far are you willing to travel?

Although MINT DJ is based just outside of Dublin, Ireland. We provide our DJ and disco hire services for weddings, corporate events and private parties in Kerry, Cork, Galway, Donegal, and Dublin frequently. We will travel anywhere in the world providing you have the right budget!

MINT DJ have provided DJs for location weddings and corporate events in a number of different countries in recent times. Thinking of getting married in another country? Send me a message to find out how I can help you

The Question I need you to answer is not listed here, can you help?

Sure I can!  Tell me your question? and I will send you the answer promptly! Send me a message here